Vandals raid Brighouse football clubhouse of spirits, wine and prosecco

Football - 3rd Round Women's FA Cup - Brighouse Town Ladies v Everton Ladies.
Football - 3rd Round Women's FA Cup - Brighouse Town Ladies v Everton Ladies.

Thieves have sturck and vanadliased the football clubhouse at Brighouse Town for the second time in six weeks.

The club’s vice chairman and general manager, Darren Laycock discovered the break-in on sunday morning when he entered the ground to open up for the Brighouse Town Ladies junior section for pre-season training.

“The vandalistic thieves had smashed their way in through the front door and then raided the fridge and the back of the bar of spirits, wine and prosecco,” Darren said.

“Then, they have taken a portable television and, as things became heavier and more cumbersome, have dropped that and bottles and cans as they made their escape towards the quarry end of the ground and towards the upper part of Crow

Nest golf Course.

“We have informed the police we feel it is teenage schoolchildren who are forever climbing the fence and getting in to our ground that houses three pitches, the clubhouse and dressing rooms, causing damage, which is costing us serious money and halting the progress we want to be making on and off the pitch.

“The police have taken finger prints and we have taken advice and received prices on a total security system for the stadium.

“Again it’s more cost which we have to work flat out to pull in as a volunteer committee.”

A spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police said it is investigating the incident that happened between 5pm on Saturday and 11.40am on Sunday.

Anyone with information should call police on 101 quoting reference 821 on June 25.