Video: Police officers talk about effects of serious road accidents

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The experiences of police officers who deal with fatal and serious drink/drug drive collisions are being used to educate drivers as part of this year’s Christmas Drink/Drug Drive Campaign.

Four West Yorkshire officers from specialist roads policing teams have shared their thoughts.

The aim of this year’s campaign, which runs this month, is to highlight the reality of these collisions and how they affect not only the victims and their families but also those who deal with them.

The Summer Drink/Drug Drive Campaign showed the victim’s perspective whereas this one concentrates on the officers who are often first on scene of fatal or serious collisions and deal with the victims and their families.

Chief Inspector Mark Bownass - who leads Roads Policing at West Yorkshire Police - said: “The Christmas period is traditionally a happy time of year where you spend time with family and friends, but for some people it can end in tragedy.

“Unfortunately this year some people in West Yorkshire will drink or take drugs and then choose to drive, and their actions will have severe consequences for themselves, for us and most importantly for the families of the innocent people who could be involved.

“My officers don’t want to attend fatal and serious road traffic collisions that could easily be avoided - and they don’t want to have to knock on your door to tell you that your loved one is in hospital or that even worse they’re dead.

“Don’t destroy someone’s happiness at this time of year - think before you get in the car and if you’ve had a drink or taken drugs don’t drive.

“It’s a simple decision to take but make the wrong choice and you and many others will be living with the consequences for life.”