VIDEO: Shocking moment a man is caught walking his DOG on the M62 at Brighouse

This is the moment police caught a man walking his DOG along the M62 motorway between Brighouse and Ainley Top.

The man was filmed by police on Sunday walking his dog down the hard shoulder of the M62 between junctions 25 and 24, against the direction of oncoming traffic

PC Martin Willis picture of the dog walker on the M62 at Brighouse

PC Martin Willis picture of the dog walker on the M62 at Brighouse

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PC Martin Willis of West Yorkshire Police shared the shocking video on Twitter and reminded his followers that it was illegal and dangerous to walk on a motorway.

He posted: "It is illegal and dangerous for pedestrians to venture onto the motorway and it is really NOT the place to take your dog for a walk!! #M62 #dangerous."

Despite the illegal act, PC Willis said that no arrests were made but the pet owner were given 'strong words of advice' and removed from the motorway.

He added: "It's amazing the number of people that don't actually realise pedestrians aren't allowed on the motorway!"

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The video shows the speed limit had been lowered to 50mph on the approach to the dog walker - who bizarrely appears to give police a wave.

The man can then be seen putting his head down and walking ahead as the officer approaches.

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In May, drivers were warned not to use the hard shoulder as a 'naughty step' after a child was spotted walking on the side of a motorway.

Highways England said other motorists have been found cooking a meal by the motorway and urinating next to speeding traffic.

They warned drivers about the dangers of stopping unnecessarily on the hard shoulder.

Simon Jones, regional director south east of Highways England, said: “Drivers often think the hard shoulder is a safe place to stop but over 100 people are killed or injured on the hard shoulder every year.

“We don’t want you to become one of those statistics; we want you to stay safe.”