Warning after arson attacks in 50 metre radius

One of the fires at Mile Cross, Halifax.
One of the fires at Mile Cross, Halifax.

Fire chiefs are warning to dispose of any furniture and waste in the correct way after a spate of arson attacks in one night in neighbouring streets.

Halifax crews, along with Elland and Illingworth firefighters, were called to Mile Cross Road, Halifax, at 11.45pm on Friday, to a rubbish fire at the rear of a house.

However, when they arrived, they soon found three other deliberate fires on the same street and on nearby Mile Cross Terrace including bags of rubbishand timber panels.

Halifax watch commander Dave Berry has warned people not to leave piles of old furniture and rubbish in gardens unattended.

“Leaving settees and rubbish in fire is inviting people to start deliberate fires.

“These deliberate fires have the potential to much larger and dangerous incidents if the rubbish is leant up against something such as a fence or house.

“We are urging people to take the bags rubbish or waste to tips or dispose of them in the correct manner.”