Warning to Calderdale motorists after sat nav thefts


Police in Calderdale are warning motorists not to give car thieves an easy ride and to remove their valuables when their vehicle is unattended.

Since Christmas Day nearly every vehicle broken into in the centre of Halifax has had a sat nav system left on display which has then been stolen.

But by removing the system from show motorists are making their vehicle a much less attractive option to a thief.

“Most thieves are opportunistic. They will look for the easy option,” said Inspector Colin Skeath of the Central Halifax Neighbourhood Policing Team.

“A thief is far more likely to target a vehicle that they know contains valuable items – i.e. ones they can see on show. And if the car is unlocked then it is even more attractive to them.

“We are doing all we can to stop criminals in their tracks and officers are always on patrol keeping a watchful eye out – but we need people to work with us and make life more difficult for thieves.

“Just by either hiding your valuables or taking them with you greatly reduces your chances of your vehicle being broken into.

“Locking a vehicle also helps. If it has an alarm then use it. You will be amazed how many people don’t do something that only takes a second to do.

“When out and about - if parking your vehicle - leave it in a well lit area – ideally a car park with CCTV. If you are at home and have a garage – use it.

“Our officers have been astounded when they have seen valuable items including laptops, wallets and mobile phones on show. You wouldn’t leave these things outside on your wall – and the same goes for your vehicle.”