Watch out for ice-jackers - warning from police

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Drivers in Calderdale are being urged not to fall victim to ice-jackers after a spate of car thefts.

Officers say there have been around seven vehicles stolen in West Yorkshire over the last few days after their owners left them outside with the keys in the ignition while the windows defrosted.

They say there are thieves out there looking for cars left unattended, even just for a short time.

Last month officers from Halifax Central neighbourhood policing team warned people to watch out for ice-jackers after a Mercedes SLK-Class, which had been left to defrost with the keys in the ignition, was taken from outside a house in the Broadway area of Southowram.

Sergeant Warren Pitman said: “On this particular occasion, the owner of the vehicle had started his car and gone back into the house for only a short time,” he said.

“When he returned, he found that it had been stolen.

“It can be tempting to leave the engine running while you stay warm in your house and wait for your car to defrost but I would urge people to keep security at the forefront of their mind.

He added: “People can become preoccupied in a morning, particularly when they are in a rush for work, but it can take just seconds for someone to steal valuable items from your vehicle or even jump in your vehicle and drive away.

“People should also consider the consequences it may have on their insurance claims as companies may not pay out if you have left your vehicle in this way.”