West Yorkshire man’s 18-month jail term over nightclub shooting ‘too lenient’, judges rule

Martin Harriott
Martin Harriott

A West Yorkshire man convicted over a nightclub shooting has had his original jail sentence more than doubled after Court of Appeal judges ruled it was too lenient.

Martin Harriott, of Staynton Crescent, Bradley, near Huddersfield, was handed an 18-month jail sentence in August at Bradford Crown Court for possessing a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence.

The 36-year-old was convicted after a trial relating to an incident in a bar in Huddersfield in the early hours of 31 January 2016, when another man, Wayne Bucknor, fired a handgun into the ceiling of the bar.

One of the patrons was hit in the face by a piece of shrapnel and needed stitches.

Harriot had driven Bucknor to the bar in his car, before Bucknor took the handgun from Harriott’s car and they went into the bar together.

Inside, there was a disturbance after which Bucknor fired the gun into the ceiling.

The Court of Appeal re-examined the case and decided Harriott’s original sentence of 18 months was unduly lenient, increasing it to three years and nine months.

Solicitor General Robert Buckland QC said: “This is a welcome decision as Harriott’s involvement was key to the shooting in the bar.”