Wheel raiders strike at Dews

Sneak thieves broke into a garage compound and targeted alloy wheels.

Six vehicles were left propped up on bricks at Dews Garage, North Bridge, Halifax.

Dews Motor Group joint managing director Craig Hamer said it is believed the thieves broke into the compound during the early hours of Saturday.

Alloy wheels from six vehicles were taken and staff turned up to find them propped-up.

“It was a planned attack. The thieves would have needed a van as they couldn’t have put 24 wheels in a car,” said Mr Hamer.

“We think they parked the van down the road and wheeled the wheels down.”

The vehicles were stock and destined for the showroom.

Mr Hamer said fortunately the vehicles were not damaged and while they were insured the company faced an excess charge.

“It is a cost we could have done without and attacks like this certainly don’t help businesses,” he said.

Police said they were investigating the theft of wheels from the secure compound.