Woman caught drink driving on the school run in Elland

Police Vans
Police Vans

A woman was found driving over the prescribed drink drive limit during the school run in Elland.

The Calder Valleys Neighbourhood Policing team caught the driver on Wednesday afternoon, was arrested and charged to appear at magistrates court.

Officers have been in the town as part of Calderdale Council’s Ellands Days of Action.

Along with the arrest, officers have been conducting speed checks on Park Road. They monitored 49 vehicles and the majority of vehicles were within the speed limit.

One driver was caught speeding at 43mph in a 30mph zone. Their details were obtained and was given a warning.

Calderdale Council, West Yorkshire Police, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and Together Housing, have been stepping up their day-to-day work to help make a difference in the Elland area.

The events will coincide with the launch of celebrations for Elland 700, marking 700 years since the town received a Royal Charter to officially be classed as a market town.