Woman jailed for stealing from pensioner in Halifax


Monika Moryc’s unsuspecting victim was shopping at the town’s Jack Fulton store when she was engaged in conversation by a male accomplice.

Prosecutor Ian Brook told Bradford Crown Court today (Friday) how the pair were obviously working as a team and while Doreen Jones was distracted, Moryc put her hand into her bag and took out the purse.

Footage from the store’s CCTV equipment showed 39-year-old Moryc going through their victim’s purse before putting it back into the bag.

Mr Brook said a £20 note and about £15 in coins was stolen from the purse.

Moryc gave some of the money to her male accomplice before the pensioner spotted Moryc’s hand in her bag and there was an exchange between them about the purse.

Although the man was able to flee the store Moryc, of Folkestone Street, was detained at the scene.

Last month she pleaded guilty to the theft charge.

The court heard today that Moryc, who was tearful in dock and had to be assisted by a Polish interpreter, had previous convictions for similar theft and shoplifting offences.

Her barrister Stephen Wood told Judge John Potter that his client had her own difficulties and had been used and manipulated by the man involved in the offence.

He said she was not the prime mover behind the offence and the probation service could assist her to lead a law-abiding life.

But Judge Potter said the victim of the theft had been deliberately targeted in a nasty and mean way and he noted that the offence had left her feeling deeply shocked and upset.

The judge said the offence had caused harm to a woman who deserved respect in our community and Moryc’s previous convictions made her involvement worse.