Woman stabbed boyfriend in the back

Bradford Crown Court
Bradford Crown Court

A woman who stabbed her partner in the back with a kitchen knife has been given a suspended prison sentence.

Bradford Crown Court heard Rochelle Morrison, 26, of Sherburn Road, Brighouse, had been in a turbulent relationship for two years with Paul Bruveris and had been drinking in the town centre before the incident on August 28 2012.

Duncan Ritchie, prosecuting, said they both returned to a flat in Brighouse where a heated exchange took place.

“Miss Morrison shouted to Mr Bruveris in the bathroom ‘I hate you’. When he came downstairs to calm her down, he turned his back and felt a sharp stabbing pain in his back.

“When Miss Morrison left the room he ran out of the door to a neigbour’s house where they found a small wound to his back and blood.

“Miss Morrison admitted stabbing Mr Bruveris in retaliation for twisting her leg.”

Anne-Marie Hutton, mitigating, said the couple had now ended their relationship and Morrison was now completely off alcohol since the split.

Judge Peter Benson said: “You retaliated by taking a small knife and jabbed him in the back.

“Anybody who picks up a knife to stab someone, provoked or not, could seriously injure someone.

“If is fortunate that it didn’t happen in this case.”

Morrison was given a nine-month prison sentence, supsended for two years, and a medium-level community order.