You’re a coward, boyfriend who bit girl’s nose is told

A 44-year-old man who bit his girlfriend’s nose has been branded a coward by a judge.

Robert Anderson, of Penn Street, Pellon, Halifax, admitted assaulting Rosemary Ratcliffe earlier this year.

He punched her in the face twice and as she struggled on the floor he lent over and bit her on the nose, Bradford Crown Court heard.

The court heard the couple were both drug users and had been in a volatile relationship.

Anderson had previous convictions of assault against Miss Ratcliffe and a previous partner and the Honorary Recorder of Bradford, Judge James Stewart QC, described him as a woman beater.

Prosecutor Khadim Al’Hassan told the court: “She was able to find a fork lying on a table nearby and used that to strike the defendant after which he stopped.”

Anderson was arrested two days later and claimed he had been acting in self defence.

He eventually pleaded guilty on the day he was due to stand trial.

“You’re a coward”, Judge Stewart told Anderson.

“Men who beat women are cowards. I notice that you don’t choose to beat men because they might beat you back and you jolly well deserve it.”

Anderson, who spent nine months in prison on remand, was given a two-year community order, which includes supervision and an integrated domestic abuse programme.