Criminals stung for £170k following West Yorshire probe

Police appeal over crash in North Yorkshire
Police appeal over crash in North Yorkshire

Criminals who handled stolen high performance cars from across West Yorkshire have been stung for nearly £170,000 following a major West Yorkshire Police investigation into an international vehicle crime ring.

Taqi Mir (30) Mazhar Mir (28) from Bradford and Raess Khan (35) from Heaton were ordered to pay back £168,000 between them following a Proceeds of Crime Act hearing at Bradford Crown Court.

Taqi Mir was jailed for six and a half years and Mazhar Mir for four and a half in total in 2012 for offences of conspiracy to handle stolen cars and a separate offence of conspiracy to defraud connected to vehicle clocking.

Raees Khan was also jailed for nine years in 2012 for conspiracy to handle stolen cars.

If they fail to pay back their confiscations in the required time limits, Taqui Mir will face an extra two years in prison while Mazhar will face a three month sentence. Raess Khan will meanwhile face an extra 18 months added to his setence.

Their convictions followed a long running operation lead by detectivesand Stoke on Trent Trading Standards from 2009 into offences in which high value cars were stolen for sale to the Far East.

Specialist officers raided properties in summer 2010 as part of the investigation and seized high performance cars.

West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson said: “Cases like these highlight the considerable amount of money we can potentially recover from criminal enterprises and which could be used to the benefit of local people and police.

“I am campaigning for all the money seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act to be returned to our communities, as half currently goes back to Government and cases like this are a timely reminder of the amounts involved.

“West Yorkshire Police has an excellent track record in recovering the ill-gotten gains of criminals, but currently only a relatively small proportion of the amounts recovered find its way back here. As a matter of principle that can’t be right.

“If you would like to see these ill gotten gains returned to West Yorkshire, I would urge you to sign my petition at