Cromwell Bottom gets a scrub

Volunteers gave Cromwell Bottom Nature Reserve a much-needed scrub at a practical day earlier this month.

Willing participants from Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group gathered to give the site a spring clean, including some of the information boards.

The volunteers also installed new benches which they built from scratch.

Robin Dalton from Cromwell Bottom Nature Reserve said: “The volunteers’ help is essential to the running of the nature reserve. We’re really grateful for the work they do and I don’t know how we’d manage without them.”

The Wildlife Group hold a practical day on the second Saturday of every month, which anyone is welcome to join and usually attracts a number of helping hands.

Cromwell Bottom is situated on a former quarry, ash tip and landfill site, but is now home to a variety of bird and insect life.

For more information contact Robin Dalton on 07712867619.