Customers appy with taxi firm’s technology

Electric Plans: John Crossley said Elland Cars will lead the way.
Electric Plans: John Crossley said Elland Cars will lead the way.

A Halifax-based taxi firm is planning for an appy future thanks to new technology innovations.

Believing that a modern, technologically innovative taxi service isn’t just the preserve of Uber, Elland Cars is taking on the Silicon Valley giant at their own game.

Inspired by Uber, Elland Cars created its first app in 2017, from which users can order, pay for and track their fare, and even make use of an auto-fare calculator that estimates the cost of the journey.

The company has also invested in a range of safety features of the cars, such as on-board CCTV cameras, GPS tracking and a guarantee that all drivers are DBS-checked.

This year Elland Cars will continue its innovative spirit by investing further in new technologies along with a focus on electric cars to help reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

Owner John Crossley said: “Companies such as Uber and Lyft have changed the taxi game with their technological advancements, but we have been quick to catch them up.

“We’ve built an app, we send our customers pictures of their driver, and have on-board CCTV and fitted microphones to help our passengers feel completely secure.

“My plan is for Elland Cars to lead the way by using a majority of electric vehicles by 2023.”