Cut out booze for six weeks

Halifax Street Angels
Halifax Street Angels

Halifax Street Angels are backing a call for people to drink less for Lent.

Christian Nightlife Initiatives is launching a Lent Alcohol Challenge for people to give up or cut down on alcohol for six weeks.

They are inviting people to donate the money they save on drink to projects like the Street Angels, pictured right.

Paul Blakey, who founded the project which now has sister groups across Britain, will be leading daily Twitter and Facebook messages aimed at inspiring those taking part in the challenge.

He said: “Week in, week out volunteers see the effects of people who have had a little too much to drink. Often we hear stories of people, who after receiving help from volunteers, have decided to stop drinking or drink less, leading to a healthier lifestyle.

“Even more exciting are those who have had years of alcohol addiction who decide to give up altogether.

“The Christian Nightlife Initiative’s Lent Alcohol Challenge is a call to drink less for six weeks and invest the money you save into helping others.”

To join, email Donations made payable to Christian Nightlife Initiatives can be sent to the Fairtrade Café, 15 Crossley Street, Halifax, HX1 1UG.