Cyclist plans to complete his European triology

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A Halifax schoolteacher is putting pen to paper about his latest cycling adventures after riding across Europe.

Andrew Sykes, who was born in Elland, recently returned from cycling between Tarifa and Nordkapp - the continents’ most southern and northern points - a journey of about 8,000 kilometres.

Andrew has cycled across Europe several times over the last five years and has already written two books about his experiences.

He will now be writing his next book over the next 12 months with a view to it being published towards the end of 2016.

He says: “I was initially inspired to start long-distance cycling after watching the cycling taking place in Beijing during the 2008 Olympics.

“I eventually came up with the idea of cycling to Italy from my then home in Reading in Berkshire.

“I had a teaching colleague who had recently moved to live in Puglia in southern Italy and it seemed like the obvious destination.

“I had been writing an online blog about the trip and one of my friends had been an avid reader.

“She eventually persuaded me to put pen to paper and write a book based upon my experiences.

By the end of summer 2011, his first book, Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie, was published.

Blue skies at Trondheim

Blue skies at Trondheim

“After more cycling that summer I returned to my teaching job in September and spent the next year or so writing the second book, Along The Med on a Bike Called Reggie, which was published in July 2014.

“I liked the idea of creating a trilogy of European travelogues and couldn’t see myself cycling repeatedly across Europe for evermore so wherever I travelled for the third book would have to be an epic European journey to beat all others.

“There was only one route; from Europe’s southernmost point at Tarifa in Spain to the northernmost point at Nordkapp in Norway. The route that I was required to follow didn’t repeat any of the cycling that I had done on the previous two trips and would take me to parts of the continent that I have never before explored. All that remains is for me to write the third book in the trilogy, provisionally entitled Heading North on a Bike Called Reggie, before planning the next cycle.”

Brindisi in Italy

Brindisi in Italy