Cyclists’ charity challenge in town

Amateur cyclists enduring a 617-mile bike ride charity challenge have been welcomed through Brighouse.

The Ride for Peace is being undertaken by members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Associationb who have so far completed 310 miles of their challenge from Glasgow to London.

The team were greeted by members of the community. police and council officals at Bailiff Bridge Memorial park.

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Mr Arif Ahmad, local President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, said: “Our Ride For Peace will take us through the length of Britain and reflect our commitment to serving this country and humanity through our devotion to peace, loyalty, charity and tolerance. .

“As Ahmad Muslims we feel privileged to have this opportunity to make a valuable contribution to charity and demonstrate the importance of good citizenship.”

Ali Khan, one of the riders said: “One of the things about the ride has been the amazing scenery and the support.

“On one of our stops in North Yorkshire a school teacher asked what we were doing and they very kindly opened up the school for us to use the facility and to talk to the children.”

The ride is raising funds for the British Heat Foundation and Humanity First. To donate visit