Dad caught “red-handed” at Ainley Top transporting a kilo of cocaine

Dean Davis
Dean Davis

A Morley father-of-two who was caught “red-handed” with a kilo of high-value cocaine has been jailed for more than seven years.

In July a VW Polo being driven by 52-year-old Dean Davis was stopped by police officers at junction 24 on the M62 and the package of 75 per cent pure cocaine was found in the rear of the vehicle.

Prosecutor Jayne Beckett told Bradford Crown Court today that the cocaine was worth about £40,000, but if it was “cut” to to street level purity of about 26% it would have been worth in excess of £115,000.

When officers searched Davis’ home in Brunswick Street they found a quantity of substances which could be used as “cutting agents” along with scales, plastic bags and other drugs including more £5000 worth of skunk cannabis.

Davis claimed his only involvement was as a courier and that he had been looking after the “cutting agents”, but after hearing evidence from him Judge Jonathan Rose branded his version of events as nonsense and wholly unrealistic.

Judge Rose said Davis, who had been out of trouble for about 17 years, had been caught red-handed and he had been playing for high stakes in order to make money for himself.

He said the purity level of the cocaine indicated that Davis had been highly trusted and he had therefore played a very significant role in the enterprise.

“You have not been involved with drugs before but you have chosen to join in a pernicious trade,” the judge told him.

“You need to understand, and over the next several years you will come to understand, the evil of Class A drugs in particular.”

Jailing him for 87 months Judge Rose said the severe punishment was imposed not only to punish Davis but to deter others who think there is easy money to make out of the purchase, cutting and distribution of drugs.

“You feed off the needs of others for these terrible drugs and you do so for your own greed and your own future wealth,” he told Davis.

Davis had pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to charges of possessing cocaine with intent to supply, possessing cannabis with intent to supply and possession of cannabis resin.

After his arrest Davis said he had collected the cocaine package from Liverpool and claimed he had been acting as a courier because of financial difficulties.

Barrister Kate Batty, for Davis, said he had been working as a driver and it was very unfortunate that he was now back before the courts for such a serious offence.