Dad delivers baby Lacey on a petrol station forecourt

Surprise arrival: David and Lisa Cooke with their new baby daughter Lacey
Surprise arrival: David and Lisa Cooke with their new baby daughter Lacey

A DAD was under the pump as he delivered his wife’s baby in a petrol station.

Lacey Cooke was born on the forecourt of the Jet petrol station, Burnley Road, at 10.31pm on October 1.

Mum, Lisa Cooke, 27, was in labour for under six hours before giving birth into the arms of her husband David, 30.

Lisa said: “She was already nine days late and I’d been to see the midwife that day.

“About 5pm I started getting contractions but didn’t worry and we started to get things together.

“By 9pm the contractions were coming every five minutes - the hospital told me to get in the bath and they started coming even quicker.”

The couple set off from their home on Gledhill Street, Todmorden, at 10pm but it was soon very clear that little Lacey wasn’t prepared to wait for the 40 minute journey to Calderdale Royal Hospital.

David, a foundry worker, said: “Lisa kept saying she felt like she needed to push and I kept telling her not to.

“We’d got past the top of Tuel Lane and Lisa said ‘she’s coming’.”

The couple pulled up on the forecourt and David rang the hospital for advice.

“I opened the door and just shouted down the phone that I could already see the head,” said David.

“Then she just flopped out into my arms.

“Pure panic set in and instinct just takes over.

An ambulance was with the couple within minutes to help cut the umbilical cord.

“It all happened too quickly to take in,” said Lisa.

“I was after a water birth but I didn’t get it this time.”

The couple already have a four-year-old son, Bailey.

“If she had been a boy then we would probably have called her Jet but we’d already decided on Lacey,” said David.

Lisa will take some much needed rest before returning to her job as a care assistant.

But there could be a change of career for David.

“I’m a midhusband now,” he said.