Dad saves a cat-astrophe for Amy, 11

Cat Alpha who got trapped in a wall cavity, with owner Amy Coaten, 11, and her dad Richard Coaten.
Cat Alpha who got trapped in a wall cavity, with owner Amy Coaten, 11, and her dad Richard Coaten.
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A doting dad took a hammer to his home to rescue his little girl’s trapped cat.

Curiosity almost killed the cat when 11-year-old Amy Coaten’s kitten Alpha got stuck in a wall cavity at her Savile Park home.

Amy’s Dad Richard Coaten, West Yorkshire Fire Brigade, RSPCA, Yorkshire Cat Rescue and eight neighbours all came to the rescue of the five-month-old kitten.

Alpha, prowled down to the cellar and discovered three holes - one with a six foot drop.

“Which one do you think he took?”, said Amy

Mr Coaten returned from Amy’s school run to discover no sign of Alpha.

He searched with a neighbour and eventually traced Alpha’s cries to the cellar.

After trying to coax the kitten out, Mr Coaten grew increasingly concerned for the cat and the return of Amy and so contacted Yorkshire Cat Rescue and later the fire brigade .

Amy said: “I cried a lot when I found out. I called out to Alpha and he was calling back to me.”

Neighbours Claire and Scott’s relative Nigel offered to lend his tools and he and Mr Coaten began to knock holes in the cellar wall.

Mr Coaten said: “Three big holes were knocked through in our basement but to no avail - we could hear Alpha but couldn’t see him.

“ The patio was also dug up to try to gain access to the interior of the wall cavity. A hole was dug in our neighbour’s attic, it was then we noticed a paw sticking out below the guttering.”

A final hole was made in their neighbours attic when an RSPCA inspector arrived at around 11.40pm Alpha was recovered.

“His white fur was grey from the dust. I snatched him into my arms, I felt like I could hold him forever.

Alpha is now feline fine and so is Mr Coaten after speaking with neighbour Claire who is happy about her attic being attacked with a hammer as they’ve discovered more storage space.