Dad saves family from blazing tumble drier fire

Rachel Jagger and daughter Sophie Hill, with the burnt out clothes dryer, after the fire at Lee Mount
Rachel Jagger and daughter Sophie Hill, with the burnt out clothes dryer, after the fire at Lee Mount

A heroic father dragged a blazing tumble drier outside to save his family in a house fire that left his little girl trapped upstairs.

Peter Hill sprung into super-hero dad as he battled the appliance fire to save his partner and two sleeping daughters from disaster.

Mother Rachel Jagger was lying on the settee when she smelt and saw black smoke billowing through the room of the family Halifax home on Lilac Street, Lee Mount.

She rushed into the smoke filled kitchen and opened the basement door to see the tumble drier had burst into flames.

Panicking, she shut the door on the flames and screamed upstairs to a sleeping Peter.

The father-of-two was awoken to a pitch-black house filled with thick black smoke. He dashed downstairs and battled the blazing inferno with water.

Youngest daughter Sophie, 11, had awoke to the fire drama and had managed to make her way through the smoke to the safety of her mother. But, daughter Nicole, 14, was trapped in her attic bedroom.

Rachel and Sophie fled outside to safety whilst Peter put out the flames with water and dragged the incinerated tumble drier into their yard.

But the terror wasn’t over for mum Rachel.

“Nicole was screaming with her head stuck out of her bedroom window, it was awful. I tried to go back in to get her but I couldn’t breathe in the smoke. A neighbour tried to take me away.”

The fire brigade arrived and cleared the smoke, at 1.30am on Wednesday morning, and Rachel’s nightmare was over when Nicole, escorted to safety by firemen, came downstairs carrying her pet rabbits.

The family’s pet dog was also carried to safety in the blaze and the cat fled the scene at the time.

A modest Peter said: “I just went into auto-pilot and did what I thought needed to be done by throwing water on the appliance and then dragging it out of the house.”

Mr Hill was taken to Calderdale Royal Hospital where he was treated for smoke inhalation and was released that morning. He said: “You read about it - but you never think it will be you. It could have been much worse - something like this opens your eyes.”

The next day, the family were clearing up the mess and painting over the damage.

Rachel said: “We can re-paint over the damage - we’re just thankful it wasn’t fateful. If I’d have been asleep it could have easily been a different story. We’re thankful to be alive.”

Illingworth fire brigade will now check the family’s fire alarm which Rachel said, was delayed in detecting and alerting the family to the danger.