Damage as floods hit again

Flooding at Callis, Hebden Bridge.
Flooding at Callis, Hebden Bridge.

Police had to close the A646 between Todmorden and Halifax for several hours after it was hit by flash flooding on Saturday.

The road was closed after a deluge around 1.30pm, and it remained closed until around 10.45pm.

Fire fighters from Todmorden, Halifax and Stanningley were called to deal with the flooding, as well as staff from the Environment Agency and Calderdale Council.

Several thousand gallons of water were pumped away before the road could be re-opened.

Cars and a bus were stranded around the Charlestown area as standing water collected in the low points of the roads making it impossible to pass in either direction.

No rivers burst their banks, but some houses suffered flood damage.

Among those affected were properties on Woodland View, which have been hit by each of the three floods to hit the area.

Residents in Sandbed Villas were also caught up in the flooding.

Among the items lost to the rain there was a Hyundai car with 700 miles on the clock, a fully fitted kitchen which had only been installed after the previous flooding, a caravan and a Volkswagon.

Stephen Warriner, whose elderly uncle, John, lives in Sandbed Villas said: “Normally my uncle is the fittest 89-year-old around, but this has really hit him hard.

Another resident, Paula Day, said: “I have never seen flash flooding like it.

“The bridges in Blackshaw and Jack Bridge were overwhelmed as the streams turned to torrents.

“The water could not get away fast enough. It was a very scary scene at times.”