Dancing queen Ethel is 90 today

Ethel Quarmby at St James Court, Brighouse, turns ninety this week
Ethel Quarmby at St James Court, Brighouse, turns ninety this week
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A former dancing champion and great, great grandmother celebrates her 90th birthday today.

Ethel Quarmby, who is the first of five generations in her family, will today enjoy a party with her friends at neighbours at St James Court on Bradford Road, Brighouse.

Ethel, who was married to late husband Albert for over 50 years, won countless medals for ballroom dancing and was a regular in the Ritz in Brighouse.

She has two sons, Keith and Peter, as well two grandchildren, seven great grandchildren and two great, great grandchildren.

Ethel said: “I didn’t think I would see my 90th birthday and I certainly never thought I would have two great, great grandchildren.”

During her working life Ethel worked for N.W. Sharpe’s Classic Cards in Bradford, before working on munitions during the war, as well as taking part in concerts to entertain the troops.

She married Albert, who died nine years ago, at Bradford Registry Office in 1949, and went on to work a Kosset Carpets and the former Mackintosh’s factory in Halifax.

A born performer, she was able to convince Albert to get back involved in ballroom dancing and the couple won a string of top awards from then on.

“Where there was dancing, we were there,” she said.

Apart from some flowers from her great grandaughter Sara, 24, Ethel won’t be getting as presents as she’s asked people to donate money to the Forget-Me-Not Trust instead.

On Saturday her family will gather for a party, where there will be singing and entertainment.

“I might even try and have a little dance,” Ethel said.