Danger bridge facing closure

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A narrow bridge which was shut for weeks after it was damaged by floods could be closed again for repairs to the parapet.

Mereclough Bridge over the River Calder provides a link between Wakefield Road and businesses on Holmes Road, Sowerby Bridge.

Calderdale Council has had to regularly repair damage to the parapet caused by huge lorries but after the last incident railing were installed.

Courier reader Andy Connell, who uses the bridge, said there has clearly been one or more collisions which have significantly undermined the parapet safety.

“This railing system is totally unsuited and it beggars belief that the council’s highways and safety departments thought such a repair was good enough.

“The whole railing is loose, one of the clamp sockets has come off and two of the baluster posts have been ripped from their totally inadequate fixings.”

Mr Connell has complained to the council and predicted that a serious accident was likely as winter approaches.

Geoff Willerton, the council’s head of planning, said: “We are aware of the damage to the bridge parapet and we are continuing to monitor the situation.”

When the bridge closed in the summer it affected firms on Holmes Road and access to the waste depot, but a temporary access for delivery vehicles was created from Sterne Bridge, off Wakefield Road, which links in to Holmes Road, which will eventually be made permanent.