Deadly threat by rapist

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A RAPIST who threatened to turn his terrified victim into a human fireball has been jailed indefinitely.

“Ruthless and cruel” Usman Butt, 23, was told by Judge Peter Benson he had to be imprisoned for public protection because of the dangerous risk he posed to young women.

Judge Benson said Butt, of Harrow Street, Halifax, had set up a trap to lure the woman to a house in the town because he wanted to “teach her a lesson” after she named him in a fraud allegation.

The court heard the woman, who cannot be identified, was apprehensive about getting into a car with Usman and another man, but she eventually went with them after Usman had “turned on the charm”.

Usman, who previous convictions for violence against women, grabbed her after she had been to the toilet and raped her in a bedroom while she begged him to stop.

After the rape Usman repeatedly hit her before going into the kitchen and picking up a bottle.

Prosecutor Matthew Bean said it contained turpentine, but the woman believed it was petrol. Usman said he would pour it over her and set it alight.

“She was crying and begging to be allowed to leave,” said Mr Bean.

The other man was allowed to drive the woman away and she was found distressed in the early hours by passers-by.

Usman admitted assaulting the woman last October, but denied rape. He was convicted by the jury.

The attack happened just over two weeks after he was given a six-month suspended prison sentence for unlawfully wounding a man.

Judge Benson summarised the victim’s personal statement in which she said she felt mentally and physically scarred by the attack.

Since the incident she had moved house and was concerned about the cultural ramifications of the offence for her.

“Her confidence has been very badly damaged,” said the judge at Bradford Crown Court.

Judge Benson said it had been a pre-planned incident in which he had deliberately lured the woman to the house.

The court heard that Usman cried during an interview with a probation officer, but Judge Benson said they were “crocodile tears” to manipulate the situation.

“It is clear to me you are a ruthless and cruel individual who has no respect for women and what springs out of this trial is that you enjoyed exercising your power over her,” added Judge Benson.

Under the imprisonment for public protection order, Usman will have to serve more than four years behind bars before he is even considered for release by the parole board.

The judge pointed out that any any release would only take place once the parole board was satisfied that he no longer posed a risk to the public.

Usman was also made subject to an indefinite sexual offences prevention order and ordered to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.