Decision D-day for Copley

AFTER years of arguments and wrangling, the controversial Copley development will be heard by councillors tonight.

The development, by Genr8, would transform land in Copley into housing, industrial units and leisure facilities.

Officers have said they are mindful to permit it, subject to legal agreement.

The expectations of the opposition group could weigh heavily on the shoulders of the committee, sitting for the first time since May’s election.

The meeting will be heard in the council chamber after objectors asked for it to be moved to a bigger venue.

They argue the £62.5m plans are unnecessary and will devastate local habitats and wildlife.

The developers say their scheme would create 600 jobs bringing £17.2m into the local economy in wages as well as restoring the land and environment.

A Genr8 spokesperson said: “As with all major regeneration schemes there are those who support and those who oppose the scheme, but we have always felt confident that any technical concerns relating to the proposed development would be addressed as part of the planning application and are pleased that this has proved to be the case.”

The 61-page report made by planning officers details objections and observations from council departments and external bodies.

It says there would be a significant loss of trees because of the development.

The report says there could be “potentially significant” impact the loss of fauna could affect breeding birds and foraging bats.

It also says 19 roads, would be affected by the increased traffic and it is unlikely a bus provider would increase services to the area, despite an increased population.

The item will be heard after 6pm at Halifax Town Hall.