Demand for safety action after police officer knocked down

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Councillors are calling for action at a busy crossroads after another car crash which saw a police officer knocked over.

Hipperholme and Lightcliffe Councillor Graham Hall raised the issue at Calderdale’s full council asking when the results of a study for a proposed crossing at Bailiff Bridge crossroads were due to be published.

Coun David Kirton said: “Last week saw yet another road traffic accident at the Bailiff Bridge traffic light junction between two cars, which was devastatingly made worse when a police officer, directing traffic, was injured whilst on duty at the scene of the accident.

“I was pleased to support monies being allocated by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s Transport Committee to fund a feasibility study to improve safety and improved pedestrian crossing facilities and we are pressing the council for an update on the outcome.”

An investigation has been launched following the incident at the junction of Birkby Lane and Wakefield Road, where a white Peugeot Boxer and grey Citroen C4 collided.

Whilst directing traffic at the scene, a male police officer and a BMW 1 series were in collision. The officer was treated at the scene for minor injuries and taken to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.

As officers from the Safer Roads and Neighbourhoods Team were dealing with the two incidents, a pedestrian in her 80s collapsed on the pavement near the scene, and was treated by paramedics for minor injuries.

Chief Inspector Justine Plumb said, “These incidents demonstrate the fast-paced and ever changing environment our officers are dealing with every time they come on duty.

“Any collision where people are injured causes concern amongst the community, and where a police officer is injured this is often heightened further.

“ The driver of the vehicle has been spoken to, and we believe that the collision was an unfortunate accident.

“Thankfully, the female pedestrian suffered only minor injuries and we wish her well.

“Enquiries are continuing in to the original collision to determine the full circumstances of what took place,” she added.

Calderdale Council set aside £10,000 in the Integrated Transport Programme for a feasibility survey to be conducted after scores of residents signed a petition calling for action to be taken.

The petition handed into Calderdale Council in 2012 was drawn up by resident Laura Nalson and saw over a thousand supporters.

Residents who backed the campaign were calling for a pedestrian signal control at each section of the traffic lights in a bid to improve the daily nightmare faced by people trying to cross.