Demo against bedroom tax outside Halifax Town Hall

Demo outside Halifax Town Hall
Demo outside Halifax Town Hall

Dozens of protesters braved blizzard conditions to demonstrate against the bedroom tax outside Halifax Town Hall.

From Monday, changes to housing benefit will result in tenants with spare bedrooms losing income - a 14 per cent cut for those with one extra bedroom and 25 per cent for those with two or more.

The Calderdale protest against the bedroom tax was one of many that have taken place around the country.

Organiser Jonathon Maguire said people turning out on a bitter cold day showed the strength of feeling.

“The atmosphere was one of anger against the tax. People face being evicted from their homes but we will be support them,” he said.

Mr Maguire said low-income families can’t afford to lose benefit and the implications could cost more than the revenue generated.

Councillors and the Calderdale action group Save Our Services (SOS) were among those attending the demo.

Pennine Housing estimates 1,000 local homes will be affected and families face cuts of at least £12 a week.

This week it was announced a judicial review into the consequences of the cut in housing benefit is set to go ahead after the government lost an attempt to have the action thrown out.

Government minister Kenneth Clarke on a recent visit to Calderdale told the Courier: “We can’t afford to give people extra benefits for extra rooms.

“We do not do that for private property.”