Dentist’s ban is lifted by council

Dentist Muzzafar Zaman
Dentist Muzzafar Zaman

A dentist who was suspended from practising for 15 months has been cleared to return to work.

Dr Muzzafar Zaman was prevented from treating patients at the Fresh Smile Clinic in High Street, Brighouse, by the General Dental Council in London where they found he “crossed the threshold of misconduct”.

The suspension was given to him in 2013 by the General Dental Council.

The dentist faced 18 charges relating to 14 patients.

However, at another hearing this month in front of the committee they found his fitness to practise is no longer impaired and the period of suspension is terminated.

The committee said: “You have for the first time admitted fully the findings of dishonesty against you. You have again expressed remorse.

“Dishonesty, by its nature, goes to your character and is therefore difficult to remedy.

“However, the committee was satisfied that you have shown real insight and have taken substantial measures to reflect upon and address the probity issues identified.”

The committee also noted that proceedings have had a devastating effect on Dr Zaman and his family and considers that this is a further reason why he was unlikely ever to repeat such conduct.

Members also said that there was little more Dr Zaman could have done to address and reflect upon the issues during his suspension.

Dr Zaman was suspended on a number of charges including misleading patients and failing to record dosages of drugs administered and fill in paperwork as obliged to.