Derren Brown visits Todmorden to put lucky dog’s powers to the test

Derren Brown - psychological illusionist - visiting Lucky Dog in Todmorden.'Pictured at Todmorden Cricket Club
Derren Brown - psychological illusionist - visiting Lucky Dog in Todmorden.'Pictured at Todmorden Cricket Club

MAGIC maestro Derren Brown was in Todmorden yesterday to conjure up a new TV show about Centre Vale Park’s ‘lucky’ dog.

The illusionist brought his film crew to town to investigate the statue’s alleged powers after hearing about it on Twitter.

Centre Vale Park Todmorden's lucky dog sculpture.

Centre Vale Park Todmorden's lucky dog sculpture.

“I suppose I’m hoping to find out whether there is any magic about the dog statue, what makes luck work, and whether that is something that can be usefully applied,” he said.

The showman, famed for TV shows such as Mind Control, Trick or Treat and Russian Roulette, is planning a way of putting the town’s luck to the test on camera on Sunday.

He said: “What I’d like to do is talk to some townsfolk and see what people would like to do and do something that will be fun, for us and them, to find some way of testing it that everyone will enjoy and that will make a fun thing to film.”

Despite being a self-confessed sceptic, Derren said he would be keeping an open mind.

“I’ve spent a lot of time investigating claims by people who say they are psychics, which is quite nasty and exploitative, but this is quite fun and nice, and I’m not trying to debunk anything,” he said.

The dog first found fame last month when TV producers creating a different Channel 4 show heard that a family won the lottery after touching it.

Earlier this month, landlady Sue Landale had a stroke of luck when Jason Manford offered to put on a free gig at her pub after she touched the dog.

Jason then touched the dog - and told the Courier his stroke of luck was to bump into country superstar Dolly Parton just a few days later.

Derren heard all about it from the other show’s presenter, Dawn Porter, on Twitter.

He said it was likely that the ritual made people luckier by changing their outlook rather than by any mystical means.

“I’m very much not superstitious, I believe luck is something you create for yourself.

“Lucky people take more opportunities in life, and people who consider themselves unlucky seem to shut themselves off from opportunities.

“It can help put you into that positive frame of mind, through some sort of totem or ritual, and make you look out for those opportunities more.

“If it’s as simple as changing the way you perceive things and taking more opportunities, saying yes to more things, then that’s an important message.”

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