Diners giving 20pc of their bills to charities

20 per cent offer: Ziggy Hussain
20 per cent offer: Ziggy Hussain

A BUSINESSMAN is giving 20 per cent of his customers’ bills to good causes.

He hopes the initiative will help charities and community groups and boost his trade.

Ziggy Hussain has spent 30 years’ in business in Halifax and currently runs Ziggy’s Spice House and Pizza Bar, Carlton Street.

Over the years he has helped many local organisations but as trade dropped off in the recession the number of charity requests grew.

Mr Hussain said he wasn’t comfortable being unable to thelp and racked his brain for a solution.

“I found it difficult to turn people down so came up with a scheme to help us and the local community,” he said.

Early results are promising with Boothtown Terriers rugby club topping the donation table with £300 in three months by encouraging friends and family to eat at Ziggy’s.

He wants organisations to register for the scheme and they will provide their own locked box and keep the key.

Waiters’ will bring the box chosen by customers to the table with the bill and diners can then place 20 per cent of the bill through the slot at the top of the box.

Mr Hussain said it was a genuine offer and he hasn’t raised prices for more than two years.

If a registered organisation had two people dining weekly with an average spend of £25 it would make £260 over the year.

Mr Hussain is also attracting functions by charging £15 per head and donating back £8 per head (£400 in total for a party of 50) plus raffle prizes.

“The idea is to generate business for Ziggy’s and money for good causes,” he said.

“Times have moved on and we have turned Ziggy’s into a community restaurant with healthy options and different kinds of food.”