Do you want a post office in your library?

Rastrick Library
Rastrick Library

Councillors have suggested putting post offices in some of Calderdale’s libraries to try and increase footfall.

Last month the council revealed that a saving of £150,000 must be made by April 6 2012, with the possibility that some of the 21 libraries may face closure.

But coucil members have insisted they are desperate to avoid closures and are looking for other ways to make the savings.

At a meeting of the Safer and Stronger Communities Scrutiny Panel, councillors suggested ways to increase the services offered by libraries, including the possibility of post offices in them.

Robin Tuddenham, the director for Safer and Stronger Communities, said told councillors that the idea was one of many which had been considered.

“We will only close libraries as a last resort and are trying to find other ways to save money,” he said.

“We have considered the idea of putting a post office in some libraries - I know it works in some libraries in other parts of the country so it’s something we’ll look into, but we haven’t thought about which ones yet.”

Other suggestions from councillors included selling off valuable titles owned by the council and asking schools, selling cofeen in libraries, or finding volunteer groups to run libraries at set times.

A public consultation on the future of the libraries runs until October 23, the results of which will be reported back to the Cabinet. A final decision on the libraries will be made in November.