Do you want to take on a new challenge?

Do you want to try out a new challenge? Bearing Up is an adventure in a straight line.

Thursday, 24th August 2017, 2:00 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:29 pm
Bearing is the direction or position of something relative to a fixed point

Conceived by Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team member Paul Taylor, the challenge is to complete a set of wild challenges following difficult lines across the landscape.

The challenge is open to anyone with suitable skills and experience and it is hoped that this idea might benefit the Mountain Rescue in England and Wales and Scotland teams.

The term ‘bearing’ is the direction or position of something, or the direction of movement, relative to a fixed point. It is usually measured in degrees, typically with magnetic north as zero.

Paul said: “We follow our chosen bearing across challenging terrain, immerse ourselves in open water swims and climb up onto steeper ground in mountainous landscapes around England, Wales and Scotland. All lines include significant elements of wild swimming, scrambling and even roped rock climbing, adhering to a ‘leave no trace’ philosophy, with a target to do each route in one continuous push in a day.”

“Generally races in the hills and mountains are so often about how far or how fast, or perhaps how many summits you can “tick off” along the way. Bearing Up! is about picking a good line, as straight as possible, to take in a swim, a climb and perhaps a summit.

“It gives you a different perspective. There may be no path to follow, just keep on the same bearing all the way. The tendency to look for an easier way around a rocky crag or stretch of water is natural, so actually keeping to a straight line is a real challenge.”

Paul has set up a fundraising page and is looking for individuals, groups or fellow mountain rescue teams to join him to partner up on these challenges.

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