Doctor drunk in car at 9am - husband shopped her to police

A doctor was caught behind the wheel almost four times over the drink-drive limit on a Monday morning, a court heard.

Clare Holdsworth, 43, of High Street, Luddenden, was stopped by police yards from her home just after 9am last October. They had been alerted after her husband called 999 to warn them his wife was drunk and had taken his car, which she was not insured to drive, to buy more alcohol.

After she was stopped, Holdsworth refused to give a breath test and pleaded with officers to let her go home.

She refused to get out of the car then reached for a bottle of vodka and mixer.

She screamed as officers tried to arrest her.

At Halifax police station, Holdsworth recorded 135 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath. The legal limit is 35.

Holdsworth, who has worked as a consultant anaesthetist in Calderdale and Huddersfield since 2005, has been suspended since December 2010 after she admitted to her manager that she had once had a drink while on duty.

Malcolm Knowles, defending, told the court that Holdsworth had been battling alcoholic addiction for years.

“She always been able to cope with the demands of the job and she and thought she had a good relationship with her boss. She mentioned the difficulties she was having and that on one occasion she had a drink while she was on duty.

“She thought that would be met with some sympathy and understanding, but she was reported to the GMC. Since then she has been through serious periods of depression. She had drunk a significant amount on the night before the offence was committed.

“She was stopped because her partner called the police because he was concerned for her and the public, not because she was swerving around the road or driving dangerously,” he said.

Holdsworthadmitted driving while over the alcohol limit and without insurance.

She will be sentenced in June and has been banned from driving until then.