Does Calderdale need more wheelie bins?

More than 1,000 people have told the council about changes they would like made to the Calderdale refuse collection system.

But the results will not be known until February and any changes won’t come into effect until 2015.

For more than two years, householders have used a variety of bins, boxes, bags and food waste buckets.

The contract with Sita to deliver the service runs until 2015 and Calderdale Council is developing a new specification.

It is considering whether to continue making householders separate their waste into different containers or provide a new bin for all recyclable material.

“Should we continue with weekly recycling or move to fortnightly, and should we aim to increase the number of recycled products such as cardboard, garden waste and different types of plastics?.

“All these issues will need to be considered alongside the need to deliver a cost effective service which assists the authority in achieving financial savings,” said head of housing and environmental services Mark Thompson in a report to councillors.

Consultation to dates has produced just over 1,000 responses.

Overall consultation closes on December 31 and the results will be published in February.

“The consultation has been made available to as many residents as possible with a variety of opportunities to take part so the results should reflect a true cross section of the population.”

Questionnaires are available on