Dog victim of horror attack

editorial image

This shocking image shows the horrendous injuries a Dalmatian was left with after allegedly being attacked by another dog.

Owner Steve Bland was walking his dog, Hugo, on Heathmoor Park, Illingworth, last Sunday when he claims that a Staffordshire Bull Terrier grabbed Hugo by the throat and “nearly took his life”.

He said: “At one point Hugo’s tongue turned blue and his eyes rolled back in to his head.

“Hugo’s life depends on a daily cocktail of drugs and he has no way of defending himself. He is 12 years old and has walked this area for the past ten years.”

Hugo had to have emergency surgery shortly after the attack. Mr Bland added he had been in contact with the owner, whose son is thought to have been walking the dog at the time.

A spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police said: “Police received a report of a dog on dog attack in Heathmoor Park Road, shortly before 8.15am on Sunday.

“Both dogs were off their leads and it was not reported that either dog had shown any aggression towards any people present.

“The owners had already exchanged details and the caller was informed that it was a civil matter.”