Don’t buy banned bangers - warning

A SPATE of calls about yobs using illegal fireworks has sparked a warning over counterfeit bangers.

West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service says bangers - which were banned in 1997 -are still being supplied, some illegally using the Black Cat firework brand.

Sold in packs of 10, they are usually a small red tube with a short fuse on top. Trading Standards say, as counterfeit goods, they are likely to have been constructed from poor quality materials and would fail to meet safety standards.

When tested, the bangers have been found to contain a type of flash powder that is more powerful and louder than normal.

The service fears that their size and cheap cost will make the bangers particularly appealing to young people who may be unaware of the serious dangers they pose.

Traders are also being urged to source legitimate fireworks from reputable suppliers and not to buy from the back of a van, car boot sales or from dubious internet sites.

Calderdale councillor Kay Barret (Cons, Ryburn), who is part of the Trading Standards committee, said: “Public safety is paramount.

“We want the bonfire period to be a time for fun and celebration.

“These illegal fireworks are attractive to a minority of people who want to cause anti-social behaviour and we are seeking to remove them from the market place.”