Don’t look now... but here comes a flesh-eating zombie

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FLESH-EATING zombies were roaming Halifax last night.

But don’t panic. The bloodthirsty monsters were just prowling the set of a new horror film.

Camera crews were shooting in a garage at a house off Huddersfield Road, Skircoat Green, shooting scenes for Before Dawn.

The feature-length picture is directed by Emmerdale actor Dominic Brunt, who also takes the lead role.

The story is about a feuding couple on a make-or-break weekend, who find their chances of romantic reconciliation spoiled when their cottage comes under attack by zombies.

Brunt, who plays Paddy Kirk in the ITV soap, said they had been filming in Hebden Bridge and on the moors at Midgley, as well as Hardcastle Crags and Cragg Vale.

He said: “We needed countryside to be in the background, so we’ve filmed all over Halifax.

“I’d love to show the film at Hebden Bridge Picture House.

“I’d love everyone to spot places in it.”

Dominic came up with the concept for his own picture with his wife, former Emmerdale actress Joanne Mitchell.

He is a massive fan of the genre and organises an annual Zombie Film Festival in Leeds.

He said: “This is my first time directing. It’s brilliant.

“Quite of a few of the crew I’ve worked with before, so I feel like I’m working with people that really want to do it.”

But he said Emmerdale – which he has starred in for 15 years – will always be where his heart lies.

Emmerdale is the love of my life. This is a bit of fun, although it’s taken a year of my life to get to this stage.

“But Emmerdale always has my full concentration – that skipping feeling to work every day, I love it to pieces.”

Before Dawn also stars Nicky Evans, who plays Shane Maguire in the Channel 4 comedy Shameless.

Marc Price, who directed 2008 zombie film Colin, also brought his expertise as a producer.

The film, which promises “bucketloads of gore” will be in cinemas next year.

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