'Don't put up charges for home care'

THE concerned daughter of a 92-year-old woman has called on the council to scrap plans to increase home care costs.

Lesley Patrick 64, fears her mother Peggy Haigh – and others – will be put at risk by Calderdale Council's proposals to raisecharges for home help.

As reported in the Courier earlier this month, the cash-strapped council has been recommended to approve the increases, which will raise 500,000 extra each year.

Meals on wheels and use of the emergency care link charges will be increased by 10 per cent.

People with savings of more than 23,250 will pay the full unsubsidised cost of home care and the maximum charge for care will increase from 108 to 150 a week from April, to 200 from next April.

Mrs Haigh lives in a bungalow in Waterloo Road, Brighouse, and has home help four times a day.

Daughter Lesley said: "The proposed increase is not just in one charge but in more. In every area it's going to affect Mum. By exactly how much, I don't yet know.

"If my mum didn't have home care she would have to go into a home. She couldn't manage.

"If they put the prices up, we'll have to pay it. We don't have a choice. So the only choice will be that we can't afford something. Something will have to give.

"I don't know what that will be in my mum's case as she needs everything. It's taking resources away from her. She just won't be able to manage. A lot of people are going to be put at risk because they can't afford it."

The increases will be considered at the full council meeting on February 16.

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