Donations flood in after charity theft

Cheryl Jones with husband Danny at the Party 4 Autism.
Cheryl Jones with husband Danny at the Party 4 Autism.
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A fundraiser from Halifax has spoken of her delight after the public donated more than £2,000 following the theft of her collection.

Cheryl Jones, from Copley, says she was ‘disgusted’ when she discovered £800 had been stolen at her Party 4 Autism at the Irish Centre on Saturday.

But after news of the theft came to light on social media, she has now received £2,165 from the general public.

Cheryl said: “I was distraught when I realised the money had been taken. I was disgusted someone could do that.

“The event cost me £1,500 to put on of my own money. That was money for my children’s Christmas presents.

“But I was hoping to double it on the night so I would get my money back and the rest would go to Linden Brook care home.

“It’s the lowest of the low to steal off a charity.

“But my friend, Rachel Keys, works for Capital Radio, and saw what had happened on Facebook.

“She mentioned it on her Twitter page where she’s got 4,000 followers.

“So thanks to that we’ve had more than £2,000 donated - that’s from complete strangers.

“It’s amazing. We’ve also got a company who is sending us loads of brand new toys which we’ll be giving out at specialist primary schools.

“I’d like to thank everyone who donated - I can’t believe how nice people have been.”

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