Donations flood in to help former Halifax woman battling rare and aggressive cancer

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Well-wishers have raised thousands of pounds for a young woman who is only one of 20 people in the world with a rare form of cancer.

Olivia Fryer, 23, who lived in Halifax before moving to Auckland, New Zealand in 2008, has been diagnosed with Succinate Dehydroganase Deficient Renal Cell Carcinoma - an aggressive form of cancer.

The former St Catherine’s High School pupil is battling against tumours across her body, including in her back, liver and nodes.

Her doctors want to start her on a drug to help her fight the condition, but it is not funded and costs $9,000 NZD every six weeks.

To help fund the drug, Olivia began a fundraising page and donations have flooded in from people touched by her plight.

She said: “I may still get funding but I have been waiting three weeks and time is unfortunately not on my side.

“I am fundraising for this drug, for Vitamin C infusions, for healthy food and for costs incurred from having the condition.

“For any help I can get to increase my chances of surviving this battle.”

The fundraising total currently stands at $10,000 NZD and Olivia says she has been left “speechless” by people’s generosity.

You can follow Olivia’s journey here or donate at