Drinker didn’t hear police knock on the door at 1am

A MAN has appeared in court after breaching his bail.

Cameron Simpson, 22, of Concrete Street, Lee Mount, Halifax,was said to have failed to answer his door when officers arrived to check he was meeting his curfew requirement at 1am on March 5. Andrew Vanzie, representing Simpson, told Calderdale Magistrates’ Court he was in the house but had fallen asleep after a heavy drinking session.

He admitted his wife and daughter were in the house, but didn’t hear the officers knocking.

“The defendant, rather than going out drinking with his mates at night because of his curfew, went out during the day and was asleep by 9pm,” he said.

“He basically says he was out of it,” said Mr Vanzie.

Simpson was released on conditional bail by magistrates’ but was warned to keep the terms of his bail until his trial for going equipped to burgle on April 5.