Drivers in Calderdale still behind the wheel despite racking up 12 penalty points

A driver is breathalysed.
A driver is breathalysed.

Thirty drivers in Calderdale have collected 12 penalty points or more but have not been banned.

One of the drivers is a provisional driver, who are permitted to drive on the UK roads only under supervision.

The biggest offender has 18 penalty points, while three drivers have 16 points, four have 14 points, two have 13 points and 19 have 12 points, including the provisional driver.

They racked up their points by driving without due care and attention and driving an uninsured vehicle.

One driver amassed points for failing to stop after an accident, using their mobile phone while driving and speeding.

Three drivers have been caught speeding four times but still haven’t been banned.

Josh Harris, director of campaigns at road safety charity Brake, said: “The penalty-points system is designed to protect the public from dangerous repeat offenders but these figures clearly show that the system is being undermined.

“Strict enforcement of the law is crucial in ensuring penalties act as a true deterrent to dangerous driving and so drivers who reach 12 points should be automatically disqualified, protecting themselves and others.”