Drivers stopped from breaking law

A SQUAD of police volunteers helped crackdown on illegal drivers.

Special constables from Calderdale worked with others from the Bradford South division to carry out checks for offenders who are committing crime on the two districts’ roads.

The operation saw a car seized for not being insured and a driver found at the wheel while disqualified from driving and without insurance.

Several tickets were also handed out for speeding, not wearing seatbelts and using a mobile phone while driving.

A total of 43 breath tests were carried out along with five drug searches which resulted in a street warning.

Sergeant Julian Hartley, special liaison officer for Calderdale, said: “The success of this operation is reflected in the positive results we have achieved, including a vehicle seizure and a number of endorsable tickets being issued.

“It was the first joint initiative between Calderdale and Bradford South and we now hope to extend similar operations on the other borders of the Calderdale division.”