Eco-fairy spreads the word about Ecofair

Eco-fairy Sam Saxby
Eco-fairy Sam Saxby

AN eco-fairy has flown into Halifax to spread the message about the north’s largest free environmental exhibition in May.

Eco-fairy Sam Saxby has been spreading the word about an exhibition called Ecofair 2012 which will offer businesses across the region environmental advice and expertise.

The exhibition will take place at Elland Road on May 1 and is free to attend, with more than 100 exhibitors.

She said: “The aim of eco-fair is to inform and equip businesses with green alternatives in order to make a lasting difference to our environment and help businesses save money. The world’s natural resources are being used up faster than can be replaced, so it’s imperative that every company, of every size, is environmentally conscious and contributing to a greener corporate world.”

Kate Bisson, of Calderdale Council’s environmental management team, said: “Ecofair 2012 is bigger and better than ever and we are delighted to support an exhibition that is free to attend and offers businesses the chance to not only become more green but save money too.”

For more information ontact Sam Saxby on 01274 206664.