Ed Sheeran gives Hospice Biographers seal of approval

Ed SheeranEd Sheeran
Ed Sheeran
Halifax-born Ed Sheeran has given his seal of approval to a biographer role that's launching at Overgate Hospice.

Hospice Biographers is a charity which offers terminally ill patients the chance to have their life stories professionally recorded on audio for their enjoyment and for the therapeutic benefit of being able to ‘tell their story’.

Hospice Biographers was founded in 2017 by Barbara Altounyan, who was inspired by seeing the benefits of recording her dying father’s own life story in her youth.

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Ed, who supports the service, said: “My gran Shirley after a short time in a hospice. I was very close to her. But if this service existed I would know a lot more about her life.”

Hospice Biographers has now teamed up with Overgate Hospice, Calderdale’s only adult hospice.

Tina Turner, Lead Chaplain at Overgate said: “I’m really excited about the New Biography Service that we’re offering to patients.

“We have two well trained volunteers. Lindsay Popham and Kathryn Breaks who are ready to record the life stories of patients in our Day Hospice. At our bereavement group people often say to me that they wish they could still hear the voice of family member or friend. It’s great they will have the opportunity to hear their loved one, both re-tell their life story and possibly leave a special message for them.”

“It’s a privilege to be able to support patients in telling their stories,” Kathryn said.

Hospice Biographers will be available to all patients at the Hospice free of charge.