A Level results from Hipperholme Grammar School

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Here are the A Level results for Hipperholme Grammar School

A Levels

Aqeel A, bi, ph, psy; Beaumont H, hi, fr, gm; Butler K, el, ma, bs; Gallagher D, gg, ict; Phillips A, el, bi, ch; Robinson S, mu, re, a; Valente J bs

A Level results key

Grade A-star passes marked by an asterisk (*);

Subjects: acc, Accounts; aea ma, Advanced Extension Award Maths; ah, Ancient History; ab, Applied business; app ict, Applied Information & Communication Technology; app lw, Applied Law; app lw bt, Applied Law BTEC; am, Applied Mathematics; app sc, Applied Science; asfs bt, Applied Science (Forensic Science) BTEC; arc, Archaeology; a, Art; ad, Art & Design; tx, Art & Design Textiles; tx bt, Art & Design Textiles BTEC; ag, Art Graphics; ahi, Art History; bi, Biology; bs bt, Business BTEC; bs, Business Studies; ch, Chemistry; cd, Child Development; cn, Chinese; ctz, Citizenship; cl, Classical Studies; cc, Communication and Culture; cm, Communication Studies; cst, Computer Studies; cmp, Computing; c, Construction; crm bt, Creative Media; cw, Creative Writing; crim, Criminology; ct, Critical Thinking; da, Dance; da bt, Dance BTEC; d, Design; dt, Design Technology; dm, Drama; dm bt, Drama BTEC; ec, Economics; et, Electronics; ed, Engineering Drawing; en, English Language; enl, English Language & Literature; el, English Literature; ev, Environmental Studies; ex, Expressive Arts; exp, Extended Project ; fl, Film; fs, Film Studies; ar fn, Fine Art; ft, Food Technology; fr, French; fm, Further Maths; gs, General Studies; gg, Geography; ge, Geology; gm, German; gp, Government & Politics; gc, Graphical Communication; hs bt, Health & Social Care BTEC; hs, Health & Social Care/Health Education; hi, History; ho bt, Hospitality BTEC; hb, Human Biology; ict, Information & Communication Technology; it, Information Technology; it bt, Information Technology BTEC; itp bt, IT Practitioners BTEC; ks, Key Skills; la, Latin; lw, Law; ls, Leisure Studies; ma, Mathematics; ms, Media Studies; mu, Music; mu bt, Music BTEC; mt, Music Technology; pa, Performing Arts; pa bt, Performing Arts BTEC; psd, Personal & Social Development; pl, Philosophy; pho, Photography; pe, Physical Education; ph, Physics; pol, Polish; pls, Political Studies; p, Portuguese; pd, Product Design; pd3, Product Design (3D); pdt, Product Design (Textiles); psy, Psychology; ps bt, Public Services BTEC; pm, Pure Mathematics; pms, Pure Mathematics with Statistics; re, Religious Education; ret bt, Retail BTEC; sc, Science; so, Sociology; sp, Spanish; s bt, Sport BTEC; ss, Sports Studies; st, Statistics; te, Technology; th, Theatre Studies; t, Theology; tt, Travel & Tourism; tt bt, Travel & Tourism BTEC; ee bt, Understanding Enterprise & Entrepreneurship BTEC; ur, Urdu; wks, Workskills; wd, World Development.