A-levels: Calderdale results in full

A Level students get their results. Charlotte Ward, Aisling Dunn, Lucy Hodgeon and Lydia Bojczuk at North Halifax Grammar School.
A Level students get their results. Charlotte Ward, Aisling Dunn, Lucy Hodgeon and Lydia Bojczuk at North Halifax Grammar School.

Students from schools around Calderdale are receiving their A-level results today (Thursday).

Here are the results from the borough’s schools.

Keep checking back here throughout the day as the results come in.

North Halifax Grammar School

A Level Results

Ali, D, eng lang; Archer, D, biol, sociol*, sport and pe*; Artist, B, econ, sport and pe; Ashton, P, busi stud, hist; Bagri, S, maths, phys, elect*; Baird, L, eng lang, psychol, rel studs; Barber, S, eng lang, eng lit*, hist; Barnes, F, photy**, psychol*, span; Barron, D, busi stud, maths, sport and pe; Bates, H, eng lang*, fren*, hist**, span*; Batty, S, biol, eng lang*, eng lit; Battye, J, busi stud, econ, maths, sport and pe; Bean, C, busi stud, prod des, fne art; Beever, E, comp, maths, geol*; Begum, R, eng lang, psychol; Bojczuk, L, hist**, psychol**, rel studs**; Booth, J, chem, geog, geol; Bradley, J, photy*, busi stud, psychol; Bramley, M, photy**, eng lit, med studs*; Brearley, L, biol, eng lang, psychol; Bridge, C, comp, maths**, frth maths; Brown, M, comp, maths, elect*; Bruce, J, hist, maths, psychol; Buckley, J, biol*, chem*, maths**; Bull, I, eng lang*, geog*, hist**; Burrows, L, busi stud, hist, span; Burton, M, comp*, eng lit*, gov and polits; Butterworth Farrar, B, biol, elect, geol; Byrnes, E, biol, eng lit, med studs*; Charlton, D, chem*, maths**, phys*; Chinweze, C, biol*, chem*, maths*; Chung, I, photy, maths, med studs; Cole, L, biol, psychol, sport and pe; Collett, J, eng lit, geog, geol; Collingwood, K, geog, maths, phys; Craig, A, photy, hist, psychol; Cranswick, A, biol, psychol, sport and pe; Crossley, K, geog*, germ, psychol; Crossley, E, biol, busi stud*, food**; Crouch, M, biol, geog, hist; Crowther, R, biol, hist, psychol; Denham, J, busi stud, food, econ; Dunn, A, hist**, maths**, phys**, geol**; Eaton, T, biol, geog, psychol; Edwards, Z, biol, busi stud, maths; Edwards, I, photy, busi stud, eng lang; Endeacott, K, eng lang, eng lit, rel studs; Farrar, G, photy, eng lang, sociol*; Fawthrop, L, psychol, sport and pe; Ford, G, comp, maths, phys; Freeman, P, fren, rel studs, span; Gent, A, prod des*, maths, phys; Gera, V, biol*, chem*, psychol**; Gray, D, maths**, frth maths**, phys**, geol**; Grieve, E, biol, chem, sociol; Griffin, E, biol**, chem*, geog; Haggath, S, photy**, eng lit, med studs; Hayes, W, gov and polits*; Herbert, R, econ, fren, hist; Hey, L, chem*, maths**, frth maths*, phys*; Hizzard, B, comp; Hodgeon, L, eng lang**, hist**, psychol**, sociol**; Hoey, K, hist, psychol, sport and pe; Horton, L, geog, maths, phys; Howarth, R, econ, hist, maths; Howarth, B, comp, eng lit**, maths; Howley, D, photy, eng lang, psychol; Hussain, A, geog, med studs, psychol; Hussain, I, eng lang, fne art, psychol; Hussain, D, econ, gov and polits; Hussain, A, photy, biol; Iqbal, F, biol, maths, sport and pe; James, E, eng lang, gov and polits, rel studs; Jennings, T, busi stud, gov and polits; Johnson, D, biol, chem, phys; Johnson, G, eng lang, eng lit, hist; Johnston, S, chem, maths**, phys**; Johnston-Mccondach, R, biol*, chem*, maths*; Jowett, H, photy, eng lang, psychol**, sociol; Jozefowicz, J, chem*, maths**, frth maths*, phys*; Karandikar, S, chem*, maths*, phys*; Keast, J, hist, psychol, span*; Kershaw, A, econ, eng lit, hist; Khan, M, biol, chem, maths; Khan, A, biol, chem, hist; Killerby, M, gov and polits*, rel studs, sociol; Lee, T, biol, prod des, geog; Lees, C, eng lit, med studs, psychol; Lovett, E, prod des, psychol; Maguire, S, biol, rel studs**, sociol*; Mahmood, L, maths, psychol, rel studs; Mahmood, Z, chem, psychol; Majid, N, hist, maths, psychol; Marshall, E, photy, rel studs*, sociol; Martin, E, biol*, chem*, rel studs**; Matischen, A, eng lit; McManus, K, photy**, busi stud*, med studs; Mir, J, photy*, rel studs, sociol; Monro, D, biol, chem, psychol; Moore, F, photy**, prod des*, econ*; Moorman, J, biol*, geog, geol*; Morton, J, busi stud, sport and pe; Mucha, J, geog, hist, sociol; Muff, C, biol, chem, psychol; Mumtaz, N, biol, chem, hist; Nicholson, D, biol, chem, psychol; Nielsen, G, food; Nortcliffe, B, hist**, gov and polits**, psychol**; Nothers, E, fne art, med studs, psychol; Nunn, A, chem, maths*, frth maths, phys*; O’Connell, C, eng lang*, psychol*, rel studs*; Osborne, M, biol, maths, phys; Paige, S, comp, geog, geol; Parkinson, E, biol, chem*, maths; Parnell, F, hist, maths, gov and polits*; Pendlebury, G, biol*, maths, phys*; Plant, B, fne art, mus; Powell, A, psychol*, rel studs*, sociol; Prathivadi Bhayankaram, K, biol*, chem**, maths**, phys*; Radcliffe, H, chem, maths, phys; Raistrick, S, fren*, hist*, rel studs*; Reddy, L, biol, fne art*, psychol; Robinson, G, eng lang, hist, psychol; Robson, W, comp, geol; Rogerson, L, biol, psychol, sociol; Rooney, J, busi stud; Rossi, G, photy, geol; Santopuoli, G, fren*, mus, span*; Sawkiw, D, econ, gov and polits, psychol; Senior, S, photy, eng lang, sociol; Sheard, J, photy, hist, med studs; Skinner, S, biol, chem, gov and polits; Sollitt, R, comp, prod des, maths; Stansfield, L, eng lang, psychol, sociol; Stanton, A, med studs, sociol; Stephenson, E, psychol, rel studs, sociol; Stevenson Midgley, M, biol, econ, phys; Stoker, F, biol, prod des*, econ; Sugden, W, econ*, geog*, geol*; Sutcliffe, J, busi stud, eng lang, med studs; Swallow, J, biol, eng lit, sport and pe; Thompson, J, chem, maths, phys; Thoseby, H, econ; Tingle, C, chem**, maths**, phys**; Turner, K, food, med studs, psychol; Ul-Hassan, A, biol**, chem*, maths**; Ur-Rehman, H, geog, med studs, psychol; Waheed, I, eng lit, sociol; Walker, J, geog, phys, geol; Walker, C, biol, fren, geog; Ward, C, med studs**, psychol**, sociol*; Ward, L, econ*, hist, gov and polits; Whiteley, L, biol*, chem, maths; Whittaker, M, biol, eng lit, rel studs; Wilde, A, eng lit, hist*, rel studs*; Williams, A, psychol, rel studs, sport and pe; Williams, R, maths, phys, elect*; Wood, J, maths**, phys*, elect**; Wright, H, comp, elect, geol; Yasin, L, photy, hist; Younghusband, A, biol, geol; Zakeer Mohammed, A, eng lang, hist, sociol; Zaman, Z, biol, econ, sport and pe;

AS Level Results (Year 13)

Ali, D, biol, psychol; Ashton, P, gov and polits, psychol; Baird, L, biol; Begum, R, sociol; Charlton, D, frth maths*; Fawthrop, L, bus stud, med studs; Hayes, W, hist, rel studs*; Hizzard, B, prod des; Hussain, D, bus stud, psychol; Hussain, A, chem; Jennings, T, photy, hist; Karandikar, S, maths*, frth maths*; Lovett, E, photy; Mahmood, Z, geog, sociol*; Matischen, A, maths*; Nielsen, G, biol, bus stud, psychol; Rooney, J, photy, med studs; Rossi, G, geog, elect; Sutcliffe, J, bus stud; Thoseby, H, bus stud, med studs; Waheed, I, eng lang; Younghusband, A, photy, elect;

AS Level Results (Year 12)

Abbas, A, biol, chem, maths; Ackroyd, G, photy, prod des, elect; Ahmad, T, med studs, psychol; Ahmed, A, econ, maths*, frth maths, phys; Ajaz, U, busi studs; Akers, J, busi studs, med studs, psychol; Ali, H, busi studs, maths*, frth maths, phys; Ali, M, fine art, geog; Ali, M, biol, busi studs, chem, geog; Al-Ramadhani, M, biol*, chem, maths, phys; Amer, A, eng lang, maths, rel studs; Ashraf, A, eng lang, psychol, sociol; Azam, R, biol, chem, fren, maths*; Aziz, A, eng lang, sociol; Baxter, A, biol, chem, geog, psychol; Beadsley, J, busi studs*, econ*, hist, maths; Beckett, T, busi studs, eng lit; Bingham, J, chem, maths*, frth maths, phys*; Bingham, W, biol*, chem, maths, span*; Binns, E, eng lit, hist, maths, rel studs*; Binns, O, biol, psychol; Birkinshaw, H, eng lang*, fren, geog*, hist; Blackhurst, J, busi studs, geog, hist, rel studs; Boyle, D, photy, biol, prod des, psychol; Bradley, E, eng lit*, gov and polits*, psychol*, rel studs*; Brankin, B, econ, fren, psychol; Brant, S, biol*, geog, maths, phys; Brearley, B, geog, psychol, sociol; Brierley, E, photy, comp, econ; Bryan, M, biol, busi studs, chem, psychol; Buchan, O, chem*, maths*, frth maths*, phys*, elect*; Cairns-Poole, A, psychol; Carter, N, busi studs*, eng lang*, sociol*, span; Cartman, E, econ*, eng lang, hist*, gov and polits*; Catherall-Green, A, econ, gov and polits, psychol; Chapman, E, biol, chem, maths, psychol*; Colclough, E, eng lit, fine art, psychol; Collier, B, photy, busi studs, eng lang, psychol; Corbett-Martin, L, eng lit*, geog*, hist, psychol*; Dare, E, photy, prod des*, eng lang, rel studs; Dawson, G, busi studs*, econ, fren, psychol; Delahaye, B, prod des, eng lit, maths, frth maths, phys; Dhesi, A, biol, maths*, frth maths*, phys*; Ditta, S, photy, psychol, sociol*; Dove, M, comp, phys; Eccleston, M, biol*, germ, psychol*, sociol*; Edden, N, biol, chem, econ, gov and polits; Eliot, J, prod des, econ*, maths, phys; Emery, K, biol, eng lang, geog*, psychol*; Evans, M, biol*, chem*, geog*, maths*; Evans, G, photy, eng lang*, eng lit*, maths*; Fairley, L, hist, gov and polits, psychol; Findlay, R, biol, chem, maths, psychol; Fletcher, C, biol*, chem*, maths, phys; Frost, M, biol*, prod des, eng lit*, fine art; Galvin, C, busi studs, econ*, geog, gov and polits; Gerrard, O, comp, prod des, phys; Graham, K, photy, busi studs, psychol; Greenwood, N, biol*, busi studs*, geog*, maths*; Greenwood, M, busi studs, econ, geog; Gregg, B, econ*, hist, maths*, gov and polits*; Haigh, F, eng lang, fine art, geog, med studs*; Hall, R, biol, mus, psychol*, span*; Hand-Halford, E, prod des, eng lit, med studs*, psychol; Hanson, T, busi studs, hist, psychol, sociol; Hardy, R, chem, geog, maths, phys*; Harper, S, busi studs, eng lang, med studs, gov and polits; Harris, M, chem*, germ*, maths*, phys*; Hartley, W, photy, prod des, eng lang, med studs*; Hartley, B, busi studs*, econ, maths, phys; Hartley, A, chem, maths, phys, gov and polits; Heath, I, busi studs, med studs, gov and polits, rel studs; Hendy, N, photy, psychol, sociol, span; Hey, E, photy, busi studs, geog, psychol; Heyes, L, biol, chem, maths, span; Hitchen, T; Hodkinson, A, eng lit, hist, gov and polits; Hofton, M, chem, geog*, maths, phys*; Horne, J, photy, fren, med studs; Hornsby, O, econ, maths, phys, gov and polits; Howell, L, biol, eng lit, psychol; Howell, T, biol, econ, phys; Howson, E, fren, maths, psychol*, span; Hunt, J, prod des, maths, phys, elect*; Hussain, K, photy, busi studs, psychol, elect; Hussain, U, econ, psychol; Hussain, A; Hyde, A, busi studs, econ, eng lang, gov and polits; Iqbal, O, psychol; Iveson, M, biol, busi studs, psychol*, rel studs*; Jackman, W, busi studs, phys, elect; Jammeh, E, geog, hist, psychol; Johnson, A, comp*, maths, phys, elect*; Jones, C, hist, maths, frth maths, phys; Jones, A, biol, hist, med studs*, gov and polits; Jones, S, biol, econ*, eng lang*, hist; Jones, M, fren, geog, psychol, span; Kershaw, H, photy, fren, psychol, span; Kilcoyne, H, eng lit*, hist*, maths*, psychol*; Labidi, K, eng lang*, maths*, phys*, rel studs*; Lad, M, photy, busi studs, chem; Lad, A, busi studs, prod des, phys, elect; Leedale, J, econ*, fren, maths*, phys; Long, M, photy, fren*, germ, maths; Lyons, C, busi studs, hist, maths, psychol; Mackenzie, F, econ, maths, phys, elect*; Mackrill, J, busi studs, econ, psychol, sociol; Matloob, M, biol, busi studs*, chem, maths; Mawer, O, busi studs*, hist*, gov and polits*, span; Mayland, E, eng lit*, fine art, fren*, hist*; McAuliffe, C, biol, chem, fren, maths; McCormack, W, biol*, chem, maths*, phys; McRae, J, busi studs, eng lang, med studs*, sociol; Megson, S, biol, chem, geog*, maths; Mehmood, H, maths, phys, elect; Naidoo, N, biol, busi studs, chem, psychol; Nash, C, biol, eng lit, psychol; Nowak, A, eng lit, fine art, psychol, sociol; Nunn, K, biol, chem, maths, span*; Padden, E, photy, eng lang*, sociol, span; Parry, J, eng lit, hist*, maths, phys; Patel, J, biol*, chem*, maths*, phys*; Patel, M, busi studs, econ, maths, psychol; Pearson, J, biol*, chem, maths, phys*; Pedley, A, chem*, maths*, frth maths*, phys*; Povey, G, hist, maths, frth maths, phys; Pullan, A, biol, geog, maths, psychol*; Ramzan, S, eng lang*, eng lit, rel studs; Ramzan, Z, biol, chem, geog*, psychol; Reeday, A, biol, chem, maths, psychol; Rhodes, E, chem, fren, maths, span*; Roberts, S, eng lit*, fren*, germ*, rel studs*; Roberts, D, chem*, comp*, maths*, phys*, elect*; Robinson, B, photy, prod des; Roe, R, eng lit*, hist, psychol*, span; Rothery, E, eng lang, geog, elect; Sadik, B, biol, chem, geog, phys; Scotford, C, chem, maths*, frth maths, phys*; Seedat, H, prod des, fine art; Shoesmith, I, biol*, fren, psychol*; Simpson, E, eng lang, hist, psychol; Skelton, J, biol, chem, geog; Slade, M, eng lang, eng lit, psychol, rel studs; Smith, D, prod des, eng lit, elect; Smith, S, biol*, chem*, maths*, span*; Smithson, E, biol*, chem*, maths*, frth maths*; Stewart, A, biol, chem, hist, maths; Sutcliffe, H, biol*, chem, geog, maths; Sykes, A, chem*, maths*, frth maths*, phys*; Talbot, J, busi studs*, econ*, maths*, elect; Taswar, R, biol, chem, maths, psychol*; Thomas, R, photy, prod des, eng lit, fine art; Thomas-Bourne, R, photy, biol, eng lit, psychol; Thompson, J, biol*, chem, maths, psychol; Thompson, F, biol, fren, phys; Thompson, K, chem, geog, maths, phys; Trevisani, H, eng lang, hist*, psychol, sociol*; Trudgill, V, biol*, chem*, geog, maths*; Turner, J, geog, maths, med studs, psychol; Turton, H, econ, fren, germ, maths; Usman, M, biol, busi studs, chem, psychol; Walker, E, photy, eng lang, med studs, sociol; Walsh, J, biol, chem, maths, psychol; Welch, H, med studs*, psychol, sociol; Welch, P, biol, eng lit*, fren, maths; Wheatley, A, biol*, fren*, maths, span*; Whiteley, J, comp, phys, elect*; Whittaker, C, biol, eng lang, geog, rel studs; Willan, L, photy, eng lang, eng lit, fine art; Williams, E, photy, eng lang, fine art, med studs*; Williams, J, busi studs, hist, med studs, rel studs; Wilson, B, maths*, frth maths*, phys*, span*; Yasin, H, biol, chem, maths; Yeates, L, econ, maths, psychol, sociol; Zaman, U, arab, photy, biol, eng lit;

Trinity Academy

A Level Results

I Ahmed, apld busi, perf arts, eng lit; A Ajaz, psychol, apld sci; L Atkinson, hist*, psychol*, eng lang; S Azhar, apld sci; A Bahra, photy, apld sci, apld busi; H Bailes, psychol, gov and polits, eng lit; O Bairstow, maths, biol, ict; O Bak, psychol, sociol, pol**; S Barnes, textiles, dance; R Beaumont, sociol, eng lit; C Beck, psychol; A Begum, photy; M Bolton, sociol, textiles, eng lit; S Brocklehurst, apld sci, ict*; O Brooks, textiles, photy; M Brown, ict; K Buchert, photy, dance, apld busi; J Burnside, maths, chem, ict; D Carre, ict; B Cawley maths, eng lang, ict; S Charlton-Rigg, psychol, photy**, eng lang; L Chiles, eng lang, apld busi, rel studs; V Chudasama, hist, psychol, eng lang; O Cios, photy*, pol, ict**; T Clarke-Guy, psychol, biol, ict; V Clarke-Williams, hist; A Cleal, psychol*, sociol; K Clegg, eng lang, apld busi, ict; J Cockburn, hist, maths*, phys; C Cockburn, hist, gov and polits, ict**; B Collins, eng lang; E Cooper, sociol, apld sci; M Cooper, sociol, gov and polits, eng lit; J Craven ; M Crossley, dance, apld busi; A Davis-Hirst, textiles*, biol, chem; A Dempsey, art and des, eng lang, eng lit; M Disley, photy, dance; J Fearnley, psychol**, maths, apld busi*; B Fearnley, maths, apld busi; D Fejtlova, psychol, sociol; G Flannery, psychol, eng lang, ict; L Fry maths, photy, chem, ict; E Gilbert, maths**, frth maths*, chem; A Graham, psychol*, eng lang, rel studs; B Greenwood, hist, sociol, eng lit; M Grogan, psychol*, biol**, chem*; A Halliday, ict**; N Hargreaves, photy, ict**; L Hargreaves, hist, sociol; R Helliwell, ict, med studs; J Highley, rel studs, eng lang and lit; A Holt, psychol*, photy**, apld busi*; J Howell, biol; T Hudson, maths, chem, phys; J Hume, maths*, frth maths, chem; A Hussain, apld sci; Z Hussain maths, apld sci, ict**; M Hussain maths, ict; Z Hussain, biol*, chem, eng lang and lit*; J Ingham-Making, apld busi, eng lit, ict**; A Ingle, psychol, maths, chem; T Islam, apld busi, eng lang and lit; A Junaid, prod des, ict; K Khan, eng lang; L Kinsley, sociol, eng lang, biol; R Lister, psychol*, dance, eng lang; A Magee, psychol, sociol, rel studs; S Manshah, psychol*, sociol*, biol*; V Marriott, psychol, sociol, photy; D Marsden, prod des, ict; M Marshall, ict*; C McAlpin, ict**; C McCrudden, hist, ict; B McDonnell, maths**, frth maths, phys; H McGrath, ict**; J Meade, ict**; H Metcalfe, hist, psychol*, eng lang; E Millar, textiles; J Miller, ict**; J Milne, eng lang, maths*, frth maths; A Moore, art and des, photy; R Mottram, ict, med studs, eng lit; N Mulhall maths, eng lang and lit, ict; C O’Hara, eng lang; C Peake, hist, psychol**, ict**; C Peel, photy, dance, ict**; O Ritchie, maths**, frth maths**, chem; C Roberts, psychol*, sociol, biol*; D Robertshaw, sociol, eng lang and lit; J Robertshaw, ict**; L Robertshaw, maths*, chem, phys; C Ross, psychol, sociol; T Ryan, ict**; Z Safdar, photy, ict**; C Sellers, psychol, sociol, dance; A Shaban, eng lang, perf arts, eng lit; T Sharpe, maths, phys, ict**; C Sharpe maths, apld busi, ict; K Sheard, hist, psychol, biol; R Slingsby, eng lang and lit, ict**; R Smith, psychol, textiles, eng lang; W Stevens, ict**; J Tagg, psychol**, biol*, chem; J Taylor maths; S Tetley maths, apld busi; A Varney maths, apld busi, ict; S Wainman, apld busi*, rel studs, eng lang and lit; B Watson ; E Windsor, psychol, photy; M Woodhead, ict**; N Yelverton, maths, apld busi, ict; H Younis, psychol, biol, ict; M Zaine, maths, apld busi, ict;

BTEC Results

A Ajaz health and soc bt**; S Azhar busi bt**, health and soc bt**; O Bak busi bt**; S Barnes health and soc bt**; C Beck health and soc bt**; A Begum busi bt**, health and soc bt**; S Brocklehurst busi bt**; O Brooks busi bt**; M Brown busi bt**, sports bt*; D Carre busi bt**, sports bt*; S Charlton-Rigg health and soc bt**; O Cios busi bt**; V Clarke-Williams sports bt*; A Cleal health and soc bt**; B Collins health and soc bt**; E Cooper health and soc bt**; J Craven busi bt**, sports bt*; M Crossley health and soc bt**; M Disley busi bt**; D Fejtlova busi bt**; E Geraghty busi bt*, health and soc bt**; A Graham health and soc bt**; R Gray busi bt**, health and soc bt**; A Halliday busi bt**, health and soc bt**; N Hargreaves sports bt*; L Hargreaves sports bt*; R Helliwell sports bt*; J Highley mus bt**; J Howell health and soc bt**; A Hussain health and soc bt**; Z Hussain health and soc bt**; M Hussain busi bt**; T Islam health and soc bt**; A Junaid busi bt**; K Khan health and soc bt**; S Maivish busi bt**, health and soc bt**; D Marsden busi bt**; M Marshall sports bt*; C McAlpin sports bt*; C McCrudden health and soc bt**; H McGrath sports bt**; J Meade busi bt**, sports bt*; E Millar busi bt**, health and soc bt*; J Miller busi bt**, sports bt*; A Moore busi bt**; N Mulhall busi bt*; C O’Hara health and soc bt**; D Robertshaw health and soc bt**; J Robertshaw busi bt**, sports bt*; C Ross health and soc bt**; T Ryan busi bt**, sports bt**; Z Safdar health and soc bt**; R Slingsby health and soc bt**; L Smith busi bt**, sports bt*; W Stevens sports bt**; S Tetley health and soc bt**; A Varney mus bt**; E Windsor sports bt*; M Woodhead health and soc bt**;

Todmorden High School

A Level Results

G Abbott photy; J Armstrong econ, film; K Arnold eng lit, hist, sociol; A Aykroyd phys; S Bhatti eng lit, exproqual, med studs, psychol; J Boyle biol; R Carr eng lang, med studs; J Clarkson eng lit*, geog; B Claxton eng lang*, exproqual, med studs; J Connor med studs; L Dale eng lit, exproqual, film, frth maths; J Dixon eng lit, geog, hist; E Driver biol, exproqual, med studs, psychol; A El Wageh art, sociol; H Emmett eng lang, exproqual, film*, med studs*; G Gale med studs; L Glover; biol, exproqual, frth maths; M Godfrey eng lang, med studs, psychol; C Hadland phys; J Hallows biol, phys, psychol; M Hamer biol, eng lit**, hist; J Hannam eng lit, film, med studs; L Hill film, graphic com*, photy; K Ho eng lit*, fren**, hist*, span*; L Ideson art, photy; M Jackson art*, graphic com*, med studs, photy; E Johnston econ, exproqual, hist; T Kelly biol*, chem*, hist; A Kinderman biol, chem, phys; R Lake chem, geog; R Lewis chem, med studs, phys; P Mensforth photy; K Murphy photy, sociol; J Nyari law; S Pearce eng lang, exproqual, hist, med studs; W Pinnington phys; B Pratt med studs; P Rigby graphic com, sociol; J Schofield photy; T Senior frth maths*, phys; E Setterfield art, eng lang, graphic com*; T Shackleton econ, phys; K Sharp biol, chem; K Stott biol, chem; C Swain geog, phys; A Towler art, graphic com, photy; C Trafford biol**, chem*, port**; A Walker phys; S Ward Villota eng lang, hist, prod des; J Wilson graphic com*, photy; A Wolstenholme biol, chem; C Woods med studs;

BTEC Results

G Abbott busi bt; J Armstrong IT bt**; A Aykroyd busi bt**; N Bland busi bt**, health and soc bt**; J Boyle apld sci foren bt**; R Carr health and soc bt**; J Connor IT bt, sports bt; J Hallows sports bt**; C Howarth health and soc bt**, IT bt; L Ideson health and soc bt**; E Johnston IT bt**; A Marshall busi bt, health and soc bt**; J McLeod apld sci foren bt**, IT bt**, sports bt; P Mensforth busi bt**, health and soc bt**; K Murphy IT bt**; H Netherwood busi bt**, health and soc bt**, IT bt**; J Nyari busi bt; S Parker busi bt; S Pearce IT bt**; W Pinnington busi bt**; B Pratt busi bt**, IT bt**; P Rigby health and soc bt; J Schofield busi bt, IT bt; K Sharp apld sci foren bt**; C Turner busi bt; J Wilson health and soc bt**; A Wolstenholme apld sci foren bt**;

Lightcliffe Academy

A Level Results

P Acton biol , psychol, sociol*; E Ainley apldbusi2**, geog; K Ansell busi studs, rel studs, sociol;

H Aqeel biol, maths, psychol; E Bannister drama and theat studs, sociol, travel and t*; J Barraclough med studs, IT bt*; E Barstow chem, hist, maths;L Batchelor apld busi2; E Biggs apld busi, health and soc c; C Birro apld busi, psychol, sports bt**; E Bradley biol, maths, psychol; E Briggs eng lang, geog, sociol*, exproqual*; J Broadbent apld busi**, maths, sport and pe; R Broadbent apld busi**,maths, sport and pe; E Brownhill eng lang, health and soc c, act bt; A Bush apld busi*, spor and pe, IT bt*; L Buss apld busi*, hist ,IT bt*; M Campbell eng lang, geog, rel studs; A Carpenter eng lit, med studs; J Churchward apld busi**, chem, food studs*; C Conquest apld busi*, food studs, eng lang; S Crossley apld busi, med studs; C Dixon sci bt, sports bt**; M Dracup psychol, sci bt; J Edwards biol, psychol ,sports bt**; A Elsworth biol, chem, rel studs; J Farley apld busi*, prod des; T Fernandez apld busi*, eng lang, eng lit, exproqual, mus bt; E Gardiner apld busi*, eng lit, hist; E Gaukrodger food studs, health and soc c, sci bt*; C Gentles apld busi, eng lit; C Goswell sci bt*, travel and t**; J Gott busi studs, hist, IT bt; J Grace apld busi, IT bt; N Grech-Brooksbank apld busi, health and soc c, sc ibt*; J Green hist, psychol, IT bt; L Greenwood drama and theat studs, med studs, act bt; B Griffin apld busi**, health and soc c, psychol; R Gunson apld busi**, maths, IT bt*; E Hardaker health and soc c bt*, travel and t**; K Hattam sci bt, sports bt**; B Herbert health and soc c bt*, travel and t**; S Hill geog, hist, sport and pe, exproqual; A Hilton apld busi2**, IT bt*; C Hirst food studs, health and soc c, travel and t**; E Hirst apld busi, psychol, act bt; J Holden art, rel studs, IT bt*; L Holliday rel studs, sci bt; sports bt**; M Holt eng lang, health and soc c, sport and pe; T Illingworth eng lang, sociol; R Imhans act bt, sports bt; C Ingham apld busi2**, psychol; S Jennings art, biol, eng lit; T Jones act bt, travel and t**; B Kay apld busi; A Kelly dram and theat studs, eng lit, mus bt, act bt; H Kelly eng lang, hist, psychol; H Kenyon art*, maths, med studs; V Khanna apld busi, sports bt**; R Kingham chem, maths, phys; F Lloyd apld busi, health and soc c, sci bt*; B Lodge chem**, maths**, phys*; J Lodge busi studs, hist, IT bt*; J Lord busi studs, prod des; M Madgewick apld busi, food studs, health and soc c;

J Malcher IT bt, sports bt; O Martin health and soc c, psychol, sport and pe; O McConnell art*, biol, psychol*, exproqual*; H McLoughlin apld busi2**; prod des; J Morris sport and pe; sports bt**; O Mortimer eng lit, hist, med studs, psychol; E Nicholls apld busi, sports bt; J Norcliffe sports bt; T Oddy IT bt*, sport sbt*; B Oie drama and theat studs, mus bt, act bt; E Owrid busi studs*, eng lit*, hist, law; L Pearson biol, psychol, sociol*; T Pow eng lit, med studs, sociol; A Proctor med studs, sci bt; J Rance drama and theat studs, psychol, rel studs; C Rastrick busi studs, psychol, sociol; T Reid apld busi, med studs, act bt; N Robinson art, psychol , sports bt; S Ryan psychol, social; E Rycroft art, act bt; J Shaw apld busi, prod des, C Smith chem, maths, phys; G Taylor law, psychol, sociol; RTaylor rel studs, sci bt*, sports bt**; A Thompson eng lang, health and soc c, med studs, sci bt*; J Thompson apld busi*, fren, geog; L Tidswell med studs, sports bt**; C Truelove med studs, psychol, sport and pe; C Vause apld busi**, IT bt*; R Ward travel and t**, sports bt; E West apld busi, eng lit; H White drama and theat studs, eng lit, hist; A Whitehead eng lit, hist, psychol; M Wilding eng lang, eng lit; L Wilkinson apldbusi*, food studs, health and soc c; G Wilson apld busi2**, psychol; L Yaniw eng lang , hist, psychol, T Zahoor travel and t**; sport sbt,

Rastrick High School

A Level Results

Ahmed J, maths,chem; Asquith-Brown A, psychol,art*,eng lit,exproqual; Bains P, psychol,sociol,eng lang; Barrett T, phys,biol,maths; Bennett T, engine; Booth A,prod des; Brinkworth C, exproqual; Brodie C, maths, prod des; Brown K,econ and busi studs,comp; Bull S,sociol; Butterworth L, art*,textiles**,photy*; Clayton A, art,eng lit; Craven-Mccoo C, hist,textiles,geog; Cromack A, art*,textiles**,maths; Drake E, textiles,photy; Drake J, exproqual,art,comp; Dutch M, hist,prod des; Farrar G, rel studs,psychol,sociol; Green C, psychol,sociol*,eng lang; Hare K, prod des,photy; Harris B, phys,maths*,chem; Hickson E, biol,psychol,sociol; Hussain A, biol,psychol,chem; Irving I, textiles*; Kanwal A, econ and busi studs; Kaur Bassi H, rel studs,sociol,eng lang; Lane N, engine,econ and busi studs,comp; Laughlin K, engine,comp; Leadbeater K, textiles*,exproqual; Matani A, prod des,photy,econ and busi studs,comp; Mayne E, art; Bedeau-Mcguire J, phys,biol,maths; Mead L, textiles,photy; Moran S, photy; Nelson S, textiles**; O’Meara B, exproqual, photy; Owen L, textiles; Pedder E, phys,econ and busi studs,hist; Plowman A, biol,textiles**,hist; Powell S, phys,prod des,photy; Priestley D, geog,comp; Pritchard K, rel studs,maths,geog; Riar A, hist,psychol,econ and busi studs; Robinson K, art,exproqual,photy; Roby H, biol,textiles*,eng lang,maths; Shanduka T, exproqual,photy; Simpson R, textiles,psychol; Singh A, exproqual; Smith C, exproqual; Smith J exproqual,textiles,photy; Smith S, psychol,geog,eng lang; Snelson J, engine; Stocks G, prod des; Storey C, art,eng lit; Tariq S, phys,biol,chem; Taylor J, maths,phys,geog; Thompson B, biol,textiles; Thornton L, exproqual,pe,econ and busi studs; Tomkins J, econ and busi studs,biol,chem; Vienza G, biol*,chem,maths*; Walker B, exproqual; Walker O, sociol; Washington E, textiles,photy; Williams D, textiles; Wood L, biol,pe,econ and busi studs; Wood M, maths,phys,prod des; Yates R, engine,prod des,maths; Young S, geog,econ and busi studs;

Sowerby Bridge High School

A Level Results

S Aftab busi studs, criminol, pe; S Ahmed busi studs, criminol, ict; S Alam art and des, sci; I Ali busi studs, publ ser; H Ameen health and soc c, sci; A Amjid busi studs, criminol, ict; H Assad food studs, health and soc c, ict; O Chantler criminol, ict, pe, sociol; M Dorak busi studs, ict, publ ser; M Downey chld dev, criminol, pe; A Farooq busi studs, publ ser; I Fatima health and soc c, sci; B Fenton health and soc c; J Fornal busi studs, ict, publ ser; K Frankland food studs, ict, publ ser, sociol; A Greenwood art and des, ict; M Haleem health and soc c, sci; H Haroon criminol, ict, sci; J Helliwell busi studs, ict; F Hussain busi studs, ict, pe; S Hussain busi studs, criminol, ict; H Ilyas busi studs, criminol, ict; S Imran busi studs, publ ser; J Iqbal busi studs, criminol, ict; A Isa health and soc c, sci; A Khan busi studs, ict, pe; D Khan busi studs, criminol, ict; K Khan busi studs, criminol, ict; E Killoran art and des, ict, sociol; D Mahmood busi studs, ict, publ ser; L Mahmood busi studs, ict, publ ser; N Mahmood criminol, ict, sci; S Mahmood health and soc c; U Mahmood busi studs, ict, publ ser; A Majid busi studs, publ ser, sci; A Masood busi studs, ict; T Meadows busi studs, ict, pe; T Molloy busi studs, ict, pe, publ ser; A Naz busi studs, publ ser; J Puzdrowska chld dev, health and soc c, pe; M Qayyum busi studs, ict, publ ser; K Qureshi busi studs, criminol, ict; A Rakha chld dev, health and soc c; S Rauf busi studs, ict, pe; G Roberts busi studs, pe, publ ser; G Robinson art and des, ict; A Saghir busi studs, criminol, ict; A Salih busi studs, criminol; F Shabir criminol, ict, sci; S Tabassum health and soc c, sci; A Taylor busi studs, ict, publ ser; K Vyse health and soc c, sci; K Whiteley-Hussain criminol, ict, sci; E Younas busi studs, ict, sci; U Zaheer busi studs, publ ser; M Zulfiqar busi studs, ict, publ ser.

Hipperholme Grammar School

A Level results

H Brown bi, dt, ma ; V Bryson mu, hi, re; C Carr hi, psy; A Carroll bi, hi; L Chin el, hi*, psy; D Davidson dt, ma, ph ; S Doherty el, pe, psy; E Foggo fr, gm, psy; E Haigh-Jacobs a,el*, re; O Roberts bs, el, hi

Brighouse High School

A Level results

N Ackroyd, photy, apld busi; H Ali, apld busi, psychol; G Ayrton, apld busi, leis studs; F Barber, apld busi, hist; T Barraclough, busi studs*, hist**, ict**; J Best, apld busi, eng lang, med studs; L Boothroyd, apld busi, citiz, publ serv; M Brimelow, eng lit, hist, sociol; J Burgess, publ serv, apld sci; R Burnhill, biol*, chem, sociol*; A Cairney-Witter, biol, chem, sociol; M Chatha, apld busi, geog; J Cigan, biol, geog; J Clarkson, sociol; R Croft, biol, maths, frth maths; E Dean, eng lit, hist; J Dennison, apld busi, med studs, pe; E Dunn, eng lit, med studs, psychol; E Fairburn, apld busi, apld sci; M Field, med studs; D Foster, maths, apld sci; M Gaunt, eng lit, law, psychol; A Gibson, food studs, leis studs, pe; J Gittens, chem, maths, phys; A Greenwood, apld busi*, maths**, frth maths*, phys; R Hanks, publ serv; G Harris, pe, exproqual; A Hartley, biol*, chem, maths; C Henson, apld busi, med studs; D Heyhoe, med studs; B Holdsworth, biol, hist; L Hussain, apld sci; L Illingworth, busi studs, hist, phys; K Ip, biol, chem, maths; T Jackson, apld busi, leis studs, pe; A Jessop, hist, gov and polits*, rel studs**; H Jones, textiles, eng lit; J Joseph, apld sci, sociol; A Kennedy, apld busi, med studs; N Kershaw, rel studs*; S Lever, maths, frth maths, apld sci; C Lock, apld busi; F Mather, publ serv; M Maude, eng lit, hist*, sociol; C Moon, publ serv; H Morris, chem, apld sci; D Newton, biol, chem; L O’Malley, hist, ict, law; A Ottaway, biol, apld busi, sociol; B Patefield, eng lang, hist, pe; D Peel, prod des, hist, law; J Pickles, biol, psychol, pe; S Powell, geog, hist, apld sci; S Redman, apld busi, publ serv*; D Rose, apld busi, publ serv; H Smith, eng lang*, eng lit*, law*; O Snow, apld busi, med studs; B Stead, sociol*, exproqual; L Stross, biol, apld busi; T Sunderland, photy, med studs, apld sci; J Swallow, eng lang, hist; W Tolan, apld busi, citiz; C Verity, apld busi, sociol; J Waller, apld busi, gov and polits; C Ward, photy, publ serv*; O Waterhouse, biol, eng lit, law; T West, apld busi, hist; T Wilde, apld busi, hist, law; N Willard, leis studs; B Wills, apld busi; R Winslow, biol, maths*, frth maths; J Wood, biol, geog, law; L Wood, apld busi;

BTEC results

N Ackroyd, Btec IT*; F Ahmed, Btec IT, law bt*; H Ali, Btec IT*; G Ayrton, law bt*; F Barber, law bt*; J Burgess, Btec IT; M Chatha, Btec IT*; J Cigan, Btec IT*; J Clarkson, Btec IT*; J Dennison, Btec IT; E Fairburn, health and soc bt*; M Field, Btec IT; D Foster, Btec IT; R Hanks, health and soc bt; G Harris, health and soc bt*; C Henson, Btec IT*; D Heyhoe, Btec IT*, law bt*; L Hussain, Btec IT*, law bt*; J Joseph, Btec IT*; A Kennedy, Btec IT; N Kershaw, Btec IT*, health and soc bt; S Lever, Btec IT; C Lock, health and soc bt*, law bt*; F Mather, health and soc bt, law bt; C Moon, health and soc bt; H Morris, Btec IT*; S Redman, Btec IT*; D Rose, Btec IT; R Seymour, Btec IT, health and soc bt; O Snow, law bt*; B Stead, health and soc bt*; L Stross, Btec IT*; W Tolan, law bt*; J Waller, Btec IT; C Ward, health and soc bt; T West, law bt*; N Willard, Btec IT; B Wills, law bt*; L Wood, dance/pa bt*;

AS results:

S Ahmed, apld sci; N Ali, apld sci, eng lang, sociol; A Arifan, apld busi; S Arshad, apld busi*, maths; A Atkinson, eng lit; J Berry, food studs, maths; E Booth, apld busi, sociol; C Brown, fren*, germ*, gov and polits*; P Brown, law; E Chambers, leis studs, med studs; E Clay, apld busi, geog; L Copley, apld busi; B Croft, sociol; C D’Adamo, gov and polits, psychol; K Dastgir, apld busi; J Dimmer, maths; L Drennan, apld sci, apld busi, publ ser; O Ellis, apld busi; B Feather, geog, law; K Freeman, apld busi, health and soc bt; L Gallon, law, dance/pa bt; C Geater, med studs*; D Gilpin, med studs; O Greenwood, apld busi, med studs; P Higgins, apld sci, apld busi, pe; E Holmes, eng lang, med studs; Z Horner, geog*, pe*; A Hunter, gov and polits, law, leis studs; B Jamieson, apld busi, geog; C Kavaliauskas, geog*; A Khan, biol, chem; C Knight, apld busi, geog, maths; L Lathrope, citiz; L Lee, apld busi; T Levy, apld busi, prod des; S Liddle, eng lang, med studs; J Malkani, geog, frth maths, maths*; C Marsden, apld busi, sociol; B Mason, apld busi, leis studs, med studs*; O Muffitt, gov and polits; M Mwamba, rel studs; H Needham, apld busi, food studs, sociol; J Nixon, apld busi, citiz; K Oliver, fren; K Parnell, apld busi, leis studs; E Priestley, apld busi; L Radley, apld busi; J Rawlins, apld busi, geog, leis studs, pe; C Richardson, apld busi, citiz; S Roderick, apld busi, leis studs, pe; S Shakil, apld sci*, apld busi*; A Smallman, med studs, sociol; H Smith, apld busi, maths; J Stanley, apld busi, gov and polits, law, maths; J Stringer, apld busi, gov and polits; N Sutherland, apld sci, apld busi; E Thomas, apld busi; K Walker, sociol; E West, rel studs; J Whiteley, apld busi, maths; E Wilson, apld busi, citiz; H Wormald, gov and polits; J Wright, citiz, gov and polits;

The Crossley Heath School

A-level results

M Afzal maths, chem; A Ahmad chem, maths, psychol; A Akerman busi studs*, hist, philos; A Akram busi studs, psychol, biol; H Ali maths, psychol; O Anderson eng lang, busi studs, hist; J Anyanwu biol, chem, maths; Q Arif art, span; B Atkinson hist, biol, geog*; H Baguley maths, germ, busi studs; C Baker psychol, des tech, busi studs; R Baldwin eng lang**, fren*, span, rel studs*; L Balmforth psychol, hist**, busi studs*; M Barrett busi studs*; N Bazaraa busi studs*, maths*, span, hist**; A Bennett psychol, germ*, hist**, eng lit**; T Berridge maths**, phys*, chem, geog*; E Berry maths*, phys, biol**, chem*; S Beswick phys, maths*, busi studs*, geog*; M Bland busi studs, maths*, psychol; M Bourne art, psychol, eng lit; J Brearley pe, busi studs, geog; K Burt pe*, chem, biol; L Carroll phys*, frth maths, maths*; H Child phys, frth maths, maths*; T Chishti biol, chem, psychol; B Choy phys*, frth maths**, geog, maths**; A Christopher fren, eng lit; J Cousen eng lang*, hist, eng lit; E Craven busi studs, psychol, hist; L Cripwell maths, chem, biol; H Crodden maths*, phys, biol*, chem; S Crook pe, biol, busi studs, home ec*; K Cunningham psychol, maths*, span; A Daad chem, biol, psychol; R Dennis busi studs, hist, philos; A Dickie phys**, frth maths**, maths**; E Doodson phys, chem, maths; N Doyle geog, biol; L Duncan eng lang*, maths, eng lit; K Dymond hist, philos, eng lit; H Eastwood art*, busi studs**, geog**; O Elsey art, phys, des tech, maths; E Faragher-Siddall art*, busi studs, hist*, textiles*; J Firth phys, frth maths, maths*; J Forrest phys, frth maths, chem, maths**; C Forrester psychol, maths, busi studs; E Garside maths**, phys*, busi studs*, geog**; R Geisler busi studs, chem, maths; D Hall maths*, chem, comp*; A Hameed eng lang, biol, psychol; S Harrop phys, maths, psychol; R Heptinstall fren, geog*, rel studs*; E Hilditch busi studs**, des tech, geog*; K Hind art, maths, psychol; J Hodkinson maths, hist, busi studs*; L Holsey psychol, philos, eng lit; E Howard busi studs, maths, psychol; R Hudson art, germ: H Hussain germ, maths, biol; I Hussain psychol, maths, busi studs; R Hussain chem, biol, psychol*; A Ingle maths, phys, busi studs; H Irshad frth maths, chem, frth maths; D Isherwood phys, fren, maths; A Jalil psychol*, biol, rel studs*; C James phys**, frth maths**, chem**, maths**; S Jamil maths*, chem, biol*, hist; R Jato maths, chem, biol; G Jefford biol, hist, eng lit; J Karabel pe, busi studs*, hist; J Karabel pe, busi studs, hist; J Karim maths*, biol*, chem*; J Knightley biol, des tech; H Lear psychol, biol, germ; D Leeming busi studs, philos, eng lit; D Leggett frth maths, span, maths**; A Maran eng lang, psychol, busi studs; J May chem, germ*, biol; E McCrudden art, eng lit, psychol; D Millington hist, busi studs, maths; J Millington hist, busi studs, psychol; L Mitchell busi studs*, hist*, psychol*; L Morgan phys, des tech, maths; H Morse maths*, phys, geog; M Nicholson psychol*, biol, busi studs; A Nixon maths, chem, biol; S Parker maths, hist, psychol; A Parsons hist, chem, biol; E Pask maths, des tech, geog; L Platts psychol, busi studs, rel studs*; C Pollard phys, psychol, maths; G Priestley maths*; A Rafiq biol, chem, psychol; G Ramsey maths, psychol, busi studs*; L Redmond pe, biol, psychol; N Rhodes phys, frth maths, maths*; T Rhodes maths, phys, chem; M Riaz psychol, biol; E Richards psychol*, maths*, biol; A Robertson maths**, phys*, chem*, geog*; T Robins art**, maths*, biol*, chem*; O Robinson biol, comp, eng lit; C Royle art**, fren, geog**; S Rushworth biol, germ, chem, mus; D Russell germ, maths**, biol*; M Salter maths, phys, comp; G Scoley phys, mus; L Sharman pe*, maths*, busi studs*, geog**; J Shaw eng lang, busi studs; P Singh psychol, hist**, eng lit; S Singh busi studs, psychol, rel studs; P Sinha frth maths*, comp, maths*; J Stacey-Galley maths, phys, comp; J Stollery busi studs, maths, comp; T Swallow frth maths, biol, chem*, frth maths; M Tattersley psychol, eng lit, rel studs*; K Taylor hist*, germ, eng lit*, rel studs*; Z Tehseen eng lang*, span, psychol; M Thornton frth maths*, philos, busi studs*, maths**; G Turner phys, chem, maths; K Walton art**, hist**, eng lit*; B Waring maths**, biol**, chem**; S Waterhouse psychol, comp, biol; H Wetton busi studs, geog; P Wilkinson maths, germ, hist; S Williams psychol*, chem, biol; T Williams phys, maths, hist; C Wilson pe, hist, psychol; E Wilson biol, busi studs, chem; L Witchell eng lang, busi studs*, textiles; J Wood psychol, hist, eng lit; L Worthey phys*, frth maths**, maths**; S Xu phys*, chem**, germ, maths**, biol**, frth maths**.

AS-level results

M Abbasi maths*, psychol*, chem, biol; C Adams art, geog; Q Afzal biol, maths, chem, econ; S Ahmad geog; I Ahsan biol, maths, chem, span*; H Alderton econ, psychol, comp; R Allport frth maths, chem, frth maths, phys; C Andrews philos, art, psychol; S Ashiq maths, psychol; S Ashiq biol, maths, chem, psychol; E Atkinson rel studs, geog*, psychol*, biol; G Atkinson rel studs, hist*, eng lit*, psychol*; H Ayaz econ, psychol, chem, biol; R Aziz frth maths, biol, chem, maths*, econ; D Bari econ*, psychol*, maths*, chem*; R Barnes art, geog, econ; A Bell maths, mus; H Bilal maths, econ, chem, biol; H Blaylock hist, art, maths, eng lit; F Bojczuk maths, comp; W Bowers geog, pe, psychol, eng lang; E Briggs biol*, eng lit, chem, maths; E Bullough econ*, psychol*, eng lang*, biol; L Burnip geog, comp*; E Butler chem, psychol, hist, maths; R Caine econ, eng lit, hist; T Carson hist, maths*, phys*; I Castelow maths, psychol, geog, biol; E Challenger econ, art, psychol, span; S Chishti biol, fren, maths, chem; C Coates econ, eng lang, psychol; T Cockroft geog, pe, psychol; N Cooper hist, psychol, maths, germ; S Daker des tech, econ, geog*, maths; J Denton biol, pe, psychol; M Dobbins biol*, phys, chem*, maths*; T Eso maths, econ*, comp; M Fairbank psychol, hist, span; N Farr psychol, fren, germ; R Farr biol, fren, germ, psychol; R Featherstone geog, pe, chem, biol; W Fielden frth maths, chem, frth maths, phys; S Fletcher econ, geog, pe, eng lit; E Flynn chem, art, geog, biol; S Foster econ*, psychol, maths, germ; A Garside biol, psychol, geog*, chem; D Garside philos, rel studs*, hist*, gov and polits; K Gaukrodger biol*, geog*, psychol*, maths; G Gaunt rel studs*, psychol, biol; S Gee geog, pe, biol; J Goult frth maths, phys, frth maths, comp; M Greenwood hist, biol, econ; M Hadfield fren, germ, econ*; T Haley maths; M Hannah econ*, psychol*, geog*, eng lang*; H Hashmi hist; N Hatch maths; G Hayer maths*, eng lit*, chem*, span*; J Highley geog*, fren, germ, psychol*; G Holden econ*, geog*, chem, psychol*; S Holmes hist, eng lit, pe; G Hudson-Hunter econ, psychol, maths*, phys; A Hussain psychol, eng lang, phys, maths; A Hussain hist, biol, psychol, eng lang; F Hussain econ, eng lan; I Hussain psychol; U Hussain hist, econ; W Hussain frth maths, econ*, hist, maths*; K Hutchinson econ; L Hutchinson art, geog*, eng lit, psychol*; M Ibrahim chem, biol, maths, comp; S Ikram rel studs*, psychol, biol, chem; A Iqbal psychol; S Iqbal hist, rel studs, eng lit; S Irfan psychol, biol; M Ismail rel studs, psychol, eng lit*; S Jackson frth maths*, phys*, germ*, chem*; M Jamil biol, chem, maths*, psychol*; J Javed psychol; Z Javed chem, rel studs*, biol; G Jones eng lit, hist; L Joyce maths*, psychol*, eng lang; S Kaur frth maths, art, phys*, maths*; H Khalid biol*, rel studs*, chem, maths; H Khan biol, maths, phys*, chem*; M Lally maths, hist, econ; A Lawson hist*, psychol*, maths, econ*; A Lee econ, maths, psychol; G Lee maths, hist, biol*, phys*; D Mahmood geog, eng lang, psychol; I Mahmood rel studs, psychol; J Mahmood maths, chem, psychol, biol; K Mahmood hist, rel studs, psychol; C Marshall eng lang; W McDonnell eng lang; E McLaughlin philos, psychol, biol, mus; E Meadows frth maths, chem, frth maths, phys; T Meggat hist, biol, econ; S Meynell philos, psychol*, eng lang, germ; A Mohammed chem, psychol, pe, biol; F Mohammed econ; H Mumraz des tech, psychol, phys, maths; S Murphy art, psychol*, maths, eng lang*; P Nadella chem*, maths*, phys*, biol*; D Nawaz biol, psychol, chem; F Nicholson biol*, econ*, chem, maths; D Noszkay hist*, eng lit*, fren*, span*; S Nunn psychol, pe, eng lang; T O’Hare fren*, maths*, phys*; J Oldroyd econ, geog, phys, maths; O O’Toole econ, geog, eng lang, psychol; L Owen-Butterworth psychol, eng lang, eng lit; H Pearce econ, psychol, maths; J Poskitt econ, maths, phys; E Potts econ, psychol, germ, eng lang*; J Price maths, biol, eng lang, psychol; I Rafiq chem*, maths*, biol*, psychol*; R Raja geog, maths; S Rana maths, chem, phys*, comp; J Randerson econ, biol, maths, phys; H Rashid biol*, phys*, chem*, maths*; S Rashid econ, psychol, eng lang; Z Raza biol, eng lang, psychol; N Rice art*, maths*, phys*, chem*; J Robinson-Woods frth maths, hist, frth maths, phys; E Roper hist, maths*, phys*; H Sahdia geog, eng lang; N Sampson pe, econ; B Saville biol, rel studs, psychol; R Sheeran frth maths, art, frth maths, phys; A Shelton econ, geog*, fren, maths; C Siddall chem, econ*, psychol, biol; U Sohail hist, maths, chem, biol; S Spooner phys*, maths*, chem*; H Sreedharala chem*, art, maths*, biol*; A Stephenson rel studs, chem, maths, biol; D Stoker maths, econ, pe, psychol; M Stoker biol, pe, maths; E Stringer econ, rel studs*, psychol; H Tahira psychol, eng lang, chem; A Taylor hist, biol*, chem, eng lang; C Teal eng lit*, eng lang*, germ*, span*; N Uttley hist, biol, germ, econ; G Wade philos, eng lit, biol, psychol; A Walker des tech, geog*, maths, econ; M Wardak rel studs, psychol, eng lit, eng lang; M Waseem rel studs, eng lang, eng lit, psychol; H Watson maths*, germ, phys*; H Watson hist, art, psychol, econ*; S Weller econ, rel studs*, psychol, maths; S Whaites rel studs, fren, germ, eng lang; H Whearty biol, eng lit, geog, maths; M Whiley geog, psychol, gov and polits; J Whitehead econ, maths; D Whitelaw geog, hist, psychol; O Williams des tech, biol, maths, phys; L Wisniewski maths, perf arts; N Wood des tech; H Woodhouse hist, psychol, pe; A Wright philos, psychol*, geog*, econ; T Wroot philos, rel studs, psychol; M Zafar rel studs, psychol, biol.

Calder High School

A-level results

E Abbott geog, hist, phys; A Ahmed med studs; N Ahmed sociol; J Alderson prod des; R Astin eng lit**, geog**, gov and polits; F Barnes geog; sociol, span; H Batterton eng lit; L Bowe health and soc c; J Brady eng lit, hist, med studs; S Briggs health and soc c, textiles*; S Buchanan health and soc c, hist; F Chantler eng lit, med studs; O Clough maths**, span; S Crossley eng lit, prod des, psychol; C Dinsmore dance, dram and theat studs, photy; J Doyle dram and theat studs*, eng lit, rel studs; A Eckersley eng lang, med studs*; E Forbes health and soc c, rel studs, sociol; S Gee eng lit*, gov and polits, hist; R Gogoley eng lang, eng lit, hist; R Hassan med studs, sociol; D Hay mes studs, psychol; A Heny eng lit**, hist, rel studs; J Horner biol, chem, geog; R Horsfield chem, maths, prod des; A Hunt med studs*, psychol, sociol; H Hussain biol, chem, psychol; Z Hussain eng lit, rel studs; A Hutchinson geog, prod des; M Javed health and soc c, rel studs, sociol; S Khan biol; Z Khan art and des; A Kinsey biol, chem, prod des; C Kitchen sociol; J Law med dtuds, photy; T Leadbitter prod des; S Lewis rel studs, sociol; S Lord med studs, prod des; S Meek eng lang, geog, sociol; O Naylor eng lang, med studs; S Neil photy; E Newton prod des; psychol; J Overend maths*, phys, prod des*; A Paine eng lit*, geog**, psychol**; D Parkin hist, psychol; M Retirado biol, psychol, sociol; L Richardson eng lang; A Rolt rel studs, psychol, sociol; J Rowlinson frth maths, maths*, phys; J Russell eng lang*, hist, psychol; M Shahid health and soc c, sociol; S Shakoor biol, chem, psychol; A Smith art and des, med studs; M Stockwell-Allen geog, psychol, sociol; T Tingle med studs*; F Waterhouse biol; E Webster gov and polits, hist, rel studs; O Williams gov and polits*, hist, sociol; F Wilson frth maths, maths; P Wilson eng lang, eng lit, textiles*; B Winters rel studs, sociol.

BTEC results

A Ahmed busi bt; M Ahmed busi bt, it bt, sci bt; N Ahmed sci bt, sports bt; C Alderson busi bt, hosp bt; J Alderson busi bt; A Amjad busi bt, sci bt; C Andrew busi bt, sports bt; H Batterton busi bt, sci bt; L Bowe hosp bt; S Briggs hosp bt; B Chaudhry busi bt, sci bt; O Clough busi bt; H Dutton sci bt; A Eckersley busi bt; L Ellis hosp bt, it bt, sports bt; G Haigh-Gill busi bt, hosp bt, sports bt; R Hassan sci bt; D Hay mus tech bt; J Hemingway busi bt, hosp bt, it bt; T Hosker busi bt, it bt, sports bt; H Hussain it bt, sci bt; Z Hussain sci bt; Z Iqbal busi bt, it bt, sci bt; M Javed busi bt, sci bt; S Khan busi bt, sports bt; Z Khan busi bt, it bt; C Kitchen busi bt; J Law it bt; T Leadbitter mus tech bt; S Lewis busi bt; S Lord it bt; L McMurdo it bt, sci bt, sports bt; O Naylor busi bt; S Neil busi bt; M Qasim busi bt, it bt, sci bt; A Rehman busi bt, sci bt, sports bt; C Robinson busi bt, hosp bt, sci bt; D Shabir busi bt, it bt, sci bt; M Shahid sci bt; A Smith it bt; T Tingle busi bt, it bt; M Want busi bt, hosp bt; F Waterhouse busi bt, it bt; F Wilson busi bt.

Ryburn Valley High School

A-level results

H AKROYD sociol, eng lang, eng lit; P ALLINGAN photy, hist, med studs*; S AUSTIN rel studs; T BARTON econ and busi studes, med studs*; E BELL econ and busi studes, eng lit, psychol; F BELL photy, prod des; Z BOTTOMLEY art and des, photy, eng lit, med studs*; C BRAY eng lit, film, med studs; L BRIDGES geog, econ and busi studes; L BYWATER eng lang, perf arts, eng lit; K CAMPBELL photy, eng lang, med studs; S CARTER eng lang*, gen studs*, econ and busi studes, eng lit; L CHAPMAN sociol, eng lang, eng lit; L CHILD maths, comp, ict; J CHILVERS perf arts; A CROSSLAND geog, econ and busi studes; A DOW perf arts, econ and busi studes; B DUNN chld dev; M DUNNETT chld dev; S ELLIS eng lang, eng lit, film*; F FAROOQ law, maths, film; K FIRTH chld dev; T FRYER geog, maths, econ and busi studes; C GLENN art and des, textiles, span; M HALEY-EARNSHAW photy, econ and busi studes, med studs*; N HELLIWELL geog, art and des, eng lang; J HERD med studs; F HILL eng lang, film, med studs; A HIND maths*, Famaths, film; E HIRST eng lang, perf arts, med studs; S HOBBS art and des, photy, med studs; J HOLDSWORTH eng lang*, econ and busi studes*, med studs*; H HUSSAIN art and des, photy; S JANJUA eng lang, econ and busi studes, ict; G JONES art and des, hist, film; B KEEGAN geog, pe, econ and busi studes; C KERR-MESKIMMON sociol, eng lang, eng lit; Z KHURSHID photy; A KITCHER, law*, gen studs, hist, psychol*; T KOZLOW prod des, econ and busi studes; A LAMBERT geog, sociol, ict; V MARSH, chld dev; L MCBRIDE film; J MITCHELL sociol, eng lang, film; H NORTON SHEARD law, hist, psychol; M REDHEAD chld dev; H REDMOND film, med studs; A REID textiles, photy; J RENNALLS eng lang, hist, eng lit; K ROBERTS eng lang, econ and busi studes, med studs*; L ROBINSON chld dev; S SHAUKAT geog, econ and busi studes, comp; L SHINGLER eng lang, econ and busi studes, med studs; M SMITH eng lang, maths, med studs; T SMITH photy, film; S STOKES art and des, film; A THORPE law, eng lang, hist; H TIMMONS art and des, photy, econ and busi studes; E TROWELL chld dev; R VICKERS sociol, econ and busi studes, psychol; M VICTOR photy, ict; J WATSON phys, maths, chem; D WHITWORTH eng lang; B WOLSTENHOLME, film.

BTEC results

P ALLINGAN dance bt**; S AUSTIN busi bt**, dance bt**; T BARTON dance bt**; J CHILVERS Sports bt; A CROSSLAND Sports bt; A DOW Sports bt; S FIELDS Sports bt; J HERD busi bt, Sports bt; J HORSFIELD busi bt**; H HUSSAIN health and soc bt**; G JONES mus bt**; Z KHURSHID busi bt**, health and soc bt**; T KOZLOW health and soc bt**; K MAHMOOD busi bt**, med bt; L MCBRIDE med bt, health and soc bt; H REDMOND busi bt**; K ROBERTS dance bt**; T SMITH med bt; S STOKES busi bt**; M VICTOR busi bt**; D WHITWORTH Sports bt; T WIGG busi bt**, med bt; B WOLSTENHOLME busi bt**.

A-level key

account, Accounting; anc history, Ancient History; apld art and des, Applied Art and Design; apld art and des2, Applied Art and Design (dble award); apld busi, Applied Business; apld busi2, Applied Business (dble award); apld ict, Applied ICT; apld ict2, Applied ICT (dble award); apld perform arts, Applied Performing Arts; apld sci, Applied Science; apld sci2, Applied Science (dble award); arab, Arabic; arc, Archaeology; art, Art; art and des, Art and Design; beng, Bengali; biol, Biology; biol and hum biol, Biology and Human Biology; busi studs, Business Studies; chem, Chemistry; chin, Chinese; chld dev, Child Development; class civil, Classical Civilisation; com studs, Communication Studies; comp, Computing; crea writ, Creative Writing; crit think, Critical Thinking; dance, Dance; des tech, Design and Technology; dram and theat studs, Drama and Theatre Studies; econ, Economics; econ and busi studs, Economics and Business Studies; elect, Electronics; eng lang, English Language; eng lang and lit, English Language and Literature; eng lit, English Literature; engine, Engineering; environ sci, Environmental Science; exproqual, Extended Project Qualification; FAmaths, Maths (Further Additional); film, Film Studies; fine art, Fine Art; food studs, Food Studies; fren, French; frth maths, Further Maths; gen studs, General Studies; geog, Geography; geol, Geology; germ, German; gov and polits, Government and Politics; graphic com, Graphics Communication; guj, Gujarati; health and soc c, Health and Social Care; health and soc c2, Health and Social Care (dble award); hist, History; hist art, History of Art; home ec, Home Economics; hum biol, Human Biology; ict, ICT; lat, Latin; law, Law; leis studs, Leisure Studies; leis studs2, Leisure Studies (dble award); maths, Maths ; med studs, Media Studies; mus, Music; mus tech, Music technology; pe, Physical Education; perf arts, Performing Arts; perf studs, Performance Studies; philos, Philosophy; photy, Photography; phys, Physics; pol, Polish; port, Portuguese; prod des, Product Design; psychol, Psychology; publ ser, Public Services; punj, Punjabi; rel studs, Religious Studies; russ, Russian; sci, Science; sociol, Sociology; span, Spanish; sport and pe, Sport and Physical Education; stats, Statistics; textiles, Textiles; theat studs, Theatre Studies; trav and tour, Travel and Tourism; trav and tour2, Travel and Tourism (dble award); uom, Use of Maths; Urdu, Urdu

BTEC key

act bt, Acting BTEC; apld sci bt, Applied Science BTEC; apld sci bt2, Applied Science BTEC double award; apld sci foren bt, Applied Science - Forensic BTEC; busi bt, Business BTEC; dance/pa bt, Dance/Performing Arts; health and soc bt, Health and Social BTEC; hosp bt, Hospitality BTEC; IT bt, IT BTEC; law bt, Law BTEC; mus bt, Music BTEC; mus tech bt, Music Technology BTEC; sci bt, Science BTEC; sports bt, Sports BTEC;