Culture and diversity addressed in the first of Halifax Minster series

Join the live debate at Halifax Minster, tonight
Join the live debate at Halifax Minster, tonight

Halifax Minster was a hub for a live debate on multiculturalism in today’s society.

The first of the live series, tonight (Thursday) focused on ‘Culture and Diversity’.

The historic walls hosted a discussion directed by Professor Ted Cantle on the topic of faith in a globalised world and tackled entrenched faiths in a modern global society.

An expert panel also gave their reflections on the subject and speakers included, leader of Calderdale Council Tim Swift, Halifax MP Linda Riordan, MBE Mohammed Aslam former Himmat youth project leader, chief superintendent of Calderdale police Chris Harden and chief executive of Halifax Opportunities Trust Barbara Harbinson.

Segregated education establishments were highlighted by key speaker professor Ted Cantle as being detrimental to social cohesion in a modern world society.

Professor Cantle said: “The society we live in today is much different from the 1960s/70s, globalisation is forcing us to change and we need to address how best to deal with faith in the modern world.”

Speaking at Halifax Minster he said that many young people now see interculturalism as a way forward in a modern world.

Leader of Cadlderdale council Tim Swift said: “More needs to be done to address the parallel lives that still exist between the faiths in Halifax, today.”

Chief superintendent Chris Harden said:“we have to accommodate changes in community as well as retain individual cultural identity.”

The public debate was free, a live stream of the debate can be found here. here

Coming debates will focus on ‘The Future of Education’ on November 29 from 6-7:30pm and ‘Banking and the Economy’ on February 17 2014, 6-7:30pm.